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Testo Cocaine (live) – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Cocaine (live) dei Nazareth Album: If you want to go out You’ve got to take her out, cocaine And if you want to get down Down on the ground, cocaine She don’t lie She don’t lie She don’t lie, cocaine Well if you’ve had bad news You want to kick your blues, cocaine And if… Leggi »

Testo Sunshine – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Sunshine dei Nazareth Album: Greatest Hits Sunshine, every single day Helps to light my way And darlin’, right before my eyes It don’t come as no surprise That it’s easy Easy lovin’ you And baby, ‘til you came along There was always something wrong Around me There was emptiness of course But it’s alright And… Leggi »

Testo Victoria – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Victoria dei Nazareth Album: Victoria, Victoria I could love you for a hundred years And still want more of ya! It’s been a long time now since high school days But when I’m with you, darling you still amaze me No one could ever come before ya God knows how much I still adore ya… Leggi »

Testo Fast Cars – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Fast Cars dei Nazareth Album: Fast cars, She lives at the best hotels Big stars, She knows them all so well Lost loves, She’s had more than just a few Wrong moves, She can afford more than you She don’t know, what real love is She’s always had, second best She don’t know, what real… Leggi »

Testo Aint Got You – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Aint Got You dei Nazareth Album: I got a maseratti two by two With snakeskin upholstery Charge account at goldblatz But I ain’t got you I got a closet full of clothes And no matter where I goes You keeps a ring in my nose But I ain’t got you I got a tavern, a… Leggi »

Testo Talk Talk – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Talk Talk dei NAZARETH Album: Driftin’ in the streetlight Dancin’ in the twilight zone Dreamin’ of a spotlight Don’t wanna go back home Joe and his buddies are hangin’ around Bad reputation all over the town All they ever gonna do Is talk, talk, talk, talk Lucy and Debbie and Donna and Joyce Bad reputation… Leggi »

Testo Madelaine – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Madelaine dei NAZARETH Album: Standing watching a pale blue moon, Rising slowly in the winter sky, Waiting, hoping she’ll be home soon, And I won’t ask her where or why. As the evening shadows fall, Madelaine, Madelaine I can hear the night wind call, Call her name, Madelaine. Turning slowly I hear her call, Echo… Leggi »

Testo Cinema – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Cinema dei NAZARETH Album: You can have girls and girls You can have boys and boys You can have sex and violence You can have space age toys You can have anything that you think will fit As long as it’s box office, as long as it’s a hit Cinema, cinema You can have birdmen… Leggi »

Testo Down – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Down dei NAZARETH Album: Another bridge I have burned A lesson I learned One more mistake to my cause One more hand got lost In a game So I was up for awhile Livin’ in style Feelin’ high on the hog I was down [chorus:] Now some say I lost His other soul How barely… Leggi »

Testo Back To The Trenches – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Back To The Trenches dei Nazareth Album: Presidents and peace spreading poets Getting gunned down in the streets Shown to us on our prime time screens For our tea time treat Lunatics we voted for denying Everything that they swore We sit around and shout about it But we don’t do nothing more Drafted for… Leggi »