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Testo Ship Of Dreams – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Ship Of Dreams dei Nazareth Album: Here we are We sail on a ship made of dreams And I I only exist to believe The stars The stars that I see watching me Hold me close Your arms and your love comfort me The sea Is deep and it waits endlessly Oh why To give… Leggi »

Testo Rip It Up – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Rip It Up dei NAZARETH Album: My head is dancin’ like a ball full of fire Burnin’ up with the flames gettin’ higher Rip it up, rip it up good Rip it up like you know you really should We never have to say a thing to one another The band is hot ‘n’ there… Leggi »


Testo della canzone DO YOU WANT TO PLAY HOUSE dei Nazareth Album: Call me ready, call me ready or not and I´ll say yeah! yeah! yeah! Give it all I got Call me in the morning, when I´m half asleep River´s runnin´ high on the mountain deep Call me deadly, call me deadly serious And I´ll say yeah!… Leggi »

Testo Holiday – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Holiday dei Nazareth Album: Malice In Wonderland Drinkin’ my wine, makes me feel fine Gonna have me a holiday Poor man’s party, rich man’s daughter Gettin’ hotter and hotter She’s pushin’ way too hard I don’t want any part of her way Drinkin’ my wine, makes me feel fine Gonna have me a holiday It’s… Leggi »

Testo Keeping Our Love Alive – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Keeping Our Love Alive dei Nazareth Album: C’mon make my day That’s what she said, pointing her gun Your luck’s on the run Some fast talkin’, quick step walkin’, roadblocks ahead You may say I’m guilty but I try Keepin’ our love alive The judge and jury The accused in fury–clutching at straws It’s all… Leggi »

Testo RED LIGHT LADY – Nazareth

Testo della canzone RED LIGHT LADY dei Nazareth Album: Down at the house with the red light She works from seven til dawn You’ll find her there any time that you like Some days a week she’ll be on Down at the house with the red light I was a boy not to sure of myself When I… Leggi »

Testo Friends – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Friends dei NAZARETH Album: Just sit yourself down friend Pull up a chair friend There ain’t nobody here friend But the people you need Roll yourself a joint friend Empty your head friend Make yourself at home friend this is where you belong [Chorus:] Put your feet up on the fire If it makes you… Leggi »

Testo Freewheeler – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Freewheeler dei NAZARETH Album: I’m a freewheeler, an underground dealer The kind of guy you never get to know So you can quit thinking about stoppin’ my drinkin’ You know I’ll go the road I choose to go I’m a freewheeler, living undercover When things get hot I have to move out fast When they… Leggi »

Testo LAP OF LUXURY – Nazareth

Testo della canzone LAP OF LUXURY dei Nazareth Album: She was a wall street celebrity With upward mobility Walked and talked like a man But that was o.k. by me Two bit losers can never be choosers No nit pickin´ kickin´ the can Livin´ in the lap Livin´ in the lap of luxury Seventeen self abusals Got me… Leggi »

Testo Whippin Boy – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Whippin Boy dei Nazareth Album: Trains, running through the town Missed my turn around Trains, got to break away Got to leave today Theres nothin?gonna stop me From runnin?the tracks You never saw me comin?And I aint comin?back Ive always been your whippin?boy I think its time for a change Strange, its always been the… Leggi »