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Testo Railroad Boy – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Railroad Boy dei NAZARETH Album: Hear the whistle blowin’ so long Tellin’ me I gotta move along Coast to coast gonna steal highway Railroad boy up in the guiding daybreak Get no sleep in a boxcar Get no piece of line They catch you jumpin’ a freight train They give you such a hard time… Leggi »

Testo Moon Dance – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Moon Dance dei Nazareth Album: Light with the mornings goes I live a long, forgotten shadow Love with the morning goes And what to do I just don’t know The moon is on the run Another day to up and lay low Maddogs and noonday sun I need the darkness to show Moondance…..moondance There goes… Leggi »

Testo We Are The People – Nazareth

Testo della canzone We Are The People dei Nazareth Album: Puppets in the dance are we Or do we call the tune We’re keeping up our ratings While we feed you wreck and ruin Thespians of revolution, money in the bank With our college boy lisps Brown ale gurus Sunday supplement priests Lunch with urban guerillas On expense… Leggi »

Testo Vancouver Shakedown – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Vancouver Shakedown dei Nazareth Album: Nazareth We only came here to play rock’n’roll Share some times with some people we know Drink some wine Give us some time We aint no wise boys we aint no fools We tried to play clean and keep to the rules We take and we give, just playin’ our… Leggi »

Testo Burning Down – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Burning Down dei NAZARETH Album: If it takes them so long So long to say yes Why don’t they just say no? They don’t need anyone to be put to the test Why don’t they let us go Livin’ for the right to be, livin’ for the right Livin’ for the right to be, livin’… Leggi »

Testo Everytime It Rains – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Everytime It Rains dei Nazareth Album: No feeling when you told me goodbye No reason when you’re living a lie Don’t tell me what I already know I’m living memories of long ago I fool myself, I deny it all Wanna hide it away Lost moments never caring enough I was never good at playing… Leggi »


Testo della canzone RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES dei Nazareth Album: Good days, bad days Tearin´ up the freeways Runnin´ in the big race, gotta get on She´s comin´ on strong There´s something goin´ on It´s the same old song but I gotta get on Doin´ this, doin´ that, sleepin´ on a doormat Gotta make a comeback, maybe tonight… Leggi »

Testo Bring It Home to Mama – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Bring It Home to Mama dei Nazareth Album: She knows all about me She knows all my felonies She got the moves to-a-make me tremble She? got me on my knees She? got life-time guarantees ?in? got no time for my innuendos I don? mind if you make a dime baby Bring it on home… Leggi »

Testo Juicy Lucy – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Juicy Lucy dei Nazareth Album: Every time I call her name she’s right there by my side Every time that I think it’s a change There’s no place left to hide This must be for real This must be for real This must be for real It can’t be a dream Every time I blow… Leggi »

Testo On The Run – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone On The Run dei NAZARETH Album: When you’re on the run Lookin’ for a friend you can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that When you’re on the run Lookin’ for a friend you can depend on Your phone it never rung for days that When you’re on the run When you’re… Leggi »