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Testo Bring It On Home To Mama – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Bring It On Home To Mama dei NAZARETH Album: She knows all about me She knows all my felonies She got the moves to-a-make me tremble She’s got me on my knees She’s got life-time guarantees ‘Ain’t got no time for my innuendos I don’t mind if you make a dime baby Bring it on… Leggi »

Testo Beggars Day – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Beggars Day dei Nazareth Album: If this is heaven, then i’m in hell If trust is misfortune, then wish me well While i think of sadness baby Your light shines through, your light shines through Your light shines through Chorus: Because it’s beggar’s day Because it’s beggar’s day Because it’s beggar’s day I’ve lost control… Leggi »


Testo della canzone THIS FLIGHT TONIGHT dei Nazareth Album: Look Out The Left The Captain Said The Lights Down There That´s Where We´ll Land Saw A Falling Star Burning High Above The Las Vegas Sand It Wasn´t The One That You Gave To Me That Night Down South Between The Trailers Not The Early One That You Wish… Leggi »

Testo Changin Times – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Changin Times dei Nazareth Album: When I was younger I used to understand That when you’re with a girl, you gotta act like a man Mama told me that’s the way it should be And I know my mama never lied to me. What do you think about you’re changin’ times ‘cause when I’m with… Leggi »

Testo Carry Out Feelings – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Carry Out Feelings dei Nazareth Album: Greatest Hits I’m not just something you can pick up or put down Entertainment value, like some circus clown Don’t give green stamps With my emotions Don’t have a cut price soul Don’t do, Carry out feelings Or take away love Carry out feelings You take away love Carry… Leggi »

Testo Wild Honey – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Wild Honey dei Nazareth Album: B. Wilson Mama I’m tellin’ you as sure as I’m standin’ here She’s my girl and that’s the way I’m keepin’ it my mama dear No good will it do you to stand there and frown at me The girl’s got my heart and my love’s comin’ down on me… Leggi »

Testo Night Woman – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Night Woman dei NAZARETH Album: She’s a night woman of my dreams And I saw her glidin’ on a moon beam Silver stardust in her eyes In the way she leaves her sighs Last night I fell asleep Thought I heard her voice begin to speak My mind is in distress On my cheek I… Leggi »

Testo Lonely in the Night – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Lonely in the Night dei Nazareth Album: I´m growin´ tired of this deception. I have no wish to play this game. Too many times I´ve made connection, And you´re still holding me away. We live here under false pretenses; Fooling ourself “ believe the lies! I could not take one more rejection! You wanted more… Leggi »

Testo Lift the Lid – Nazareth

Testo della canzone Lift the Lid dei Nazareth Album: Nazareth Here I am, sitting on my porch Thinkin’ my life has got to be beyond reproach Have I forgot some friends close to me Real ones that don’t use me And does my woman love me now Like she loved me then Here I am,my defenses are down… Leggi »

Testo Animals – NAZARETH

Testo della canzone Animals dei NAZARETH Album: I know what I need I need you I can’t see nothin else all I can see is you I don’t care what they say about my state of mind I know what’s good for me and you are just my kind We are animals We are animals We are animals… Leggi »