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Testo The Vermillion Pencil – Nits

Testo della canzone The Vermillion Pencil di Nits Album: Omsk (Hofstede) Your picture on a wall I can see it It’s too small Your picture On a wall Cannot touch it Hold it closer now Now I’m waiting on your doorstep One of the objects You cannot win you cannot have I am standing in the greenhouse Among… Leggi »

Testo White Night – Nits

Testo della canzone White Night di Nits Album: Ting (Nits) How many years I waited How many years you walked In my raincoat and my shoes On a bright day Like a white night How many days I listened How many days you talked In my raincoat and my shoes On a bright day Like a white night… Leggi »

Testo Tables And Chairs – Nits

Testo della canzone Tables And Chairs di Nits Album: Work (Peters) Tables and chairs Do not like one another They bite in each others legs Tables See how they’re neatly grouped together They are a table and four chairs See how they’re peacefully Standing together They are two pairs two matching Tables and chairs do like each other… Leggi »

Testo Suddenly I Met Your Face – Nits

Testo della canzone Suddenly I Met Your Face di Nits Album: Work (Hofstede) Right behind her in revolving doors In the window of a passing train Talking shadow in a telephone box I was running She was walking It was one of those rainy days I was looking She was turning SUddenly I met your face Tutte le… Leggi »

Testo Cabins – Nits

Testo della canzone Cabins di Nits Album: Henk (Hofstede/Kloet/Stips – Hofstede) I’m taking my time I am travelling I am travelling You, taking your time You’re travelling You’re travelling It makes no difference Where we are What they say Tomorrow we will sail away Every night a falling star In cabins On a black sea In cabins On… Leggi »

Testo Tent – Nits

Testo della canzone Tent di Nits Album: Tent (Hofstede) He spent his nights On camping sites Can this sun tan Make him a man He’s in one of the tents She’s in one of the tent tent tent tent (Camping gaz) (Can can vas) (Pins and poles) (Tins in holes) You’re frightened of My freckles love Can this… Leggi »

Testo I Try – Nits

Testo della canzone I Try di Nits Album: Ting (Nits) I tried to be afraid But you said that it was too late I tried to be alone But you said that I wanted this home I try I try I try I try to be like you But you never wanted that I Wanted it too But… Leggi »

Testo Hobbyland – Nits

Testo della canzone Hobbyland di Nits Album: Work (Peters) My world There’s no love lost between Me and this old great big world That will never change So I made my own one In my own time true to scale In my own house My world Little shops and little houses Tiny trains that always run on time… Leggi »

Testo Bobby Solo – Nits

Testo della canzone Bobby Solo di Nits Album: New Flat (Hofstede) Bobby Solo he’s in the villa Bobby Solo he’s on the terrace Bobby Solo he’s wearing pretty shirts Bobby Solo he’s singing lo lo lo lo Pazzo pazzo pazzo We only got two minutes Pazzo pazzo pazzo Bobby Solo is doing interviews Bobby Solo is looking at… Leggi »