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Testo Life In Hell – Nomeansno

Testo della canzone Life In Hell dei Nomeansno Album: Miscellaneous Life in Hell by Nomeansno Foolish girl in swelling woman Here’s a blunt knife for your bosom Here’s the devil’s hand to shake Watch what the other tries to take Hell Life in Hell By your loving disposition you let him get into position and train his rising… Leggi »

Testo Youth – NoMeansNo

Testo della canzone Youth dei NoMeansNo Album: Youth, I see In your heart the red blood flows Down like a river to the sea it goes Youth, I see Through all the trouble, the work and pain You laugh like a child in a warm spring rain Youth, I See From the heavens the moon looks down And… Leggi »

Testo I Am Wrong – NoMeansNo

Testo della canzone I Am Wrong dei NoMeansNo Album: I know What i know I’m no hero Say yes, say no Don’ come,, come close Wrong Be strong, be strong Don’t be all wrong Don’t wait or hesitate Take care, beware Wrong I am wrong I fell great, let’s celebrate It’s sunny day, let’s dance and play Never… Leggi »

Testo The Rape – NoMeansNo

Testo della canzone The Rape dei NoMeansNo Album: I’ve been sentenced to all the things I had to do And a naked Image grew out of my hands A craftsman without tools, I fashioned these for you Voiceless words and sketches of imaginary lands Always just we two, the bunter and pursued With every step I had you… Leggi »

Testo Bad – NoMeansNo

Testo della canzone Bad dei NoMeansNo Album: We’re bad So bad We’re bad So bad We’re bad So bad We’re bad We’re bad We’re bad We’re bad We’re bad I feel it in my heart I believe it in my soul But we will never live Long enough to know Restless and curious Down in my gut I… Leggi »