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Testo No Hero – Offspring

Testo della canzone No Hero degli Offspring Album: Ignition Once you said you’d stick to it until the end I guess you lied the call it suicide Now you’re gone What was so wrong that you couldn’t find a way to carry on? Second guess Did I do my best? There was a friend I had CHORUS Johnny… Leggi »

Testo Gone Away Italian – Offspring

Testo della canzone Gone Away Italian degli Offspring Album: Ixnay On The Hombre Può essere in un’altra vita Che io potri incontrarti Strappata via prima del tempo Non posso fare quest’affare così ingiusto. E si sente E si sente come Così lontano dal paradiso E si sente Sì, si sente come Il mondo sia diventato freddo Adesso che… Leggi »

Testo Gotta Get Away – Offspring

Testo della canzone Gotta Get Away degli Offspring Album: Smash I’m gettin Edgy All the time. There’s someone around me Just a step behind. It’s kinda scary, The shape I’m in. The walls are shakin’ And they’re closing in. Too fast or A bit too slow I’m paranoid of people And it’s starting to show. There’s one guy… Leggi »