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Testo Scary Rides – Olsen Twins

Testo della canzone Scary Rides delle Olsen Twins Album: Birthday Party Don’t like ‘em, but we love em, knees are shakin’ as we go. Hold my hand cause where we’re heading, no one really knows. This is kind of fun, We must confide just makes ya wanna run away and hide from Screamin’, steamin’, slammin, jammin, really scary… Leggi »

Testo Giving Is Getting – Olsen Twins

Testo della canzone Giving Is Getting delle Olsen Twins Album: Christmas Party There’s a lot to like about Christmas, like spending time with friends. Baking things and trimming trees, and getting lots of presents. But the best thing about Christmas, is the feeling that you get, when you give your loved ones something they never will forget. Like… Leggi »