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Testo I, Hurricane – Overkill

Testo della canzone I, Hurricane degli Overkill Album: Mind’s eye hurricane It feels nothin’ like I’m missin’ you Self-inflicted pain, has turned me upside down In the drenchin’ bloody rain I know nothin’ I’m supposed to do So I think I’ll entertain thoughts of the underground All I possess has becomes laid to rest And the things that… Leggi »

Testo Head First – Overkill

Testo della canzone Head First degli Overkill Album: I push to the left, you pull to the right! It’s a stand off. Gainin’ no ground. Outta the dark and into the lights! It’s a breakthrough. Startin’ with sound. I can’t forget the look on your face! In shock, Startin’ ta sweat. All wet make a bet! It hasn’t… Leggi »

Testo Never Say Die – Overkill

Testo della canzone Never Say Die degli Overkill Album: [BLACK SABBATH (IommiButlerOsbourneWard)] People going nowhere, taken for a ride Looking for the answers that they know inside Searching for a reason, looking for a rhyme Snow White’s mirror said partners in crime! Don’t they ever have to worry? Don’t you ever wonder why? It’s a part of me… Leggi »