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Testo Old LA Tonight – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone Old LA Tonight di Ozzy Osbourne Album: Ozzmosis Look into the future Look into my eyes and tell me Everything’s all right Tell me where we’re going I’m so afraid ‘cos I don’t know what’s going on With my life But it’ll be all right tonight Will it be all right tonight? Are we doin’… Leggi »

Testo Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – OZZY OSBOURNE

Testo della canzone Sabbath Bloody Sabbath di OZZY OSBOURNE Album: You’ve seen life through distorted eyes You know you had to learn The execution of your mind You really had to turn The race is run the book is read The end begins to show The truth is out, the lies are old But you don’t want to… Leggi »

Testo Blue Monday – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone Blue Monday di Ozzy Osbourne Album: how does it feel to treat me like you do when you layed your hands upon me and told me who you are I thought I was mistaken I thought I heard your words but tell me how I feel Tell me know how do I feel. how does… Leggi »

Testo SIN – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone SIN di Ozzy Osbourne Album: No More Tears A psycho drive twisted in my head Silence broken, but there’s nothing said I got a nightmare from a fantasy Will the voices ever set me free I can hear ‘em, I can hear ‘em, Someone wake me when it’s over I can see ‘em, I can… Leggi »

Testo So Tired – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone So Tired di Ozzy Osbourne Album: Bark At The Moon Time has come to say goodbye I know it’s gonna make you cry But you belong to another my love And half a love That just isn’t enough I am so tired And I just can’t wait around for you I am so tired And… Leggi »

Testo My Little Man – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone My Little Man di Ozzy Osbourne Album: Ozzmosis Don’t you know I love you more than life itself Don’t you know that you’re my pride And I would not have you walking through this world, Without me by your side Go to sleep my little man Don’t you weep my little man I’d like to… Leggi »

Testo Tomorrow – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone Tomorrow di Ozzy Osbourne Album: Ozzmosis Have you read the message, The writing on the wall Could it be the answer, The answer to it all What’s going down in Heaven, I’m playing with your head Don’t believe it when they tell you, You’d be better off dead You don’t have to leave the lights… Leggi »

Testo Suicide Solution – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone Suicide Solution di Ozzy Osbourne Album: Blizzard Of Ozz Wine is fine But whiskey’s quicker Suicide is slow with liquor Take a bottle drain your sorrows Then it floods away tommorow Await tommorow Evil thoughts and evil doings Cold, alone you hang in ruins Thought you’d escape the reaper You can’t escape the master keeper… Leggi »

Testo Time After Time – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone Time After Time di Ozzy Osbourne Album: No More Tears Time after time I guess that love is blind I couldn’t read you mind Line after line Line after line It was written in your eyes I guess it’s no surprise Time after time I can hear them whispering Shadows in the rain Thinking how… Leggi »

Testo No Place For Angels – Ozzy Osbourne

Testo della canzone No Place For Angels di Ozzy Osbourne Album: You must seduce me, the ties with fire my one addiction, your sweet desire is living in a world of hate and greed standing at the end of time we had paradise, but that was lost forever to mankind no place for angels, for you and me… Leggi »