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Testo Rise – Pantera

Testo della canzone Rise dei Pantera Album: Various songs Unsorted We’ve got no time to lose Your news is old news Hate this, hate me, hate this Right approach for the wrong It’s time to spread the word Let the voice be heard All of us, one of us, all of us Dominate and take the motherfucking world… Leggi »

Testo Burnnn!!! – Pantera

Testo della canzone Burnnn!!! dei Pantera Album: We wanta live our life Forever each day To burn your candle At both ends Mach 10 velocity Not slowing down at all Your metal heart Just never bends Ooooooo Don’t stop to Wait for life just Burnnn it to the ground Burnnn ! ! ! Its time to sweat Have… Leggi »

Testo I Hide – Pantera

Testo della canzone I Hide dei Pantera Album: I’ve written about my inner wars, but i could give a shit about right now, most of me is all strength and all of me is at war with dope but my eyes are clear in sight my guts are blazing, i might have a life I can’t hide, to… Leggi »

Testo Pantera Domination – Pantera

Testo della canzone Pantera Domination dei Pantera Album: Cowboys From Hell Agony is the price That you’ll pay in the end Domination consumes you Then calls you a friend It’s a twisted fall Binds are like steel And manipulates the will to be And it’s hard to see How soon we forget When there’s nothing else Left to… Leggi »