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Testo Trespasses – PATTI SMITH

Testo della canzone Trespasses di PATTI SMITH Album: (SmithDaugherty) Life is designed With unfinished lines That another sings Each story unfolds Like it was gold Upon a ragged wing The bold and the fair Suffer their share He whispered to his kin All of my debts Left with regrets I’m sorry for everything Trespasses stretch like broken fences… Leggi »

Testo Babelogue – Patti Smith

Testo della canzone Babelogue di Patti Smith Album: Easter I haven’t fucked much with the past, but I’ve fucked plenty with the future. Over the skin of silk are scars from the splinters of stations and walls I’ve caressed. A stage is like each bolt of wood, like a log of Helen, is my pleasure. I would measure… Leggi »