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Testo Foolish – Pink

Testo della canzone Foolish di Pink Album: See my days are cold without you But I’m hurtin while im with you And though my heart can’t take no more I keep on running back to you See my days are cold without you But I’m hurtin while im with you And though my heart can’t take no more… Leggi »

Testo There U Go – Pink

Testo della canzone There U Go di Pink Album: Please don’t come around Talking ‘bout that you love me Cause that love shit dont do for me I don’t wanna hear that you adore me And I know that all you’re doing is runnin’ your mind games Don’t you know that game beats game? So your best bet… Leggi »

Testo Do What You Do – Pink

Testo della canzone Do What You Do di Pink Album: Can’t Take Me Home I like that though That’s what’s up Some people like the summer when it’s hot Some people like the winter cold Some people speak their minds when they wanna And some other people ain’t so bold Whatever it is that you do You should… Leggi »

Testo Let Me Go – Pink

Testo della canzone Let Me Go di Pink Album: I always seem to look so sad But that’s not me, I’m just bad Why do you keep on following me Is this what I’m going to be? Just tell me what you got I don’t know if I like you or not If you wanna know that’ll always… Leggi »

Testo Respect – Pink

Testo della canzone Respect di Pink Album: M!Ssundaztood This is my rap song 1-2-3-4 I get really sick and tired of boys up in my face Pick-up lines like, what’s your sign? won’t get you anyplace When me and all my girls go walking down the street, seems we can’t go anywhere without a car that goes beep-beep… Leggi »

Testo Feel Good Time – Pink

Testo della canzone Feel Good Time di Pink Album: Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….. [laughs] we go where we like, we got over time, we get paid to rattle our, chains we go in the back, paint our money black, spend it on the enemy sleeping in the church, riding in the dirt, put a banner… Leggi »

Testo Slut Like You – Pink

Testo della canzone Slut Like You di Pink Album: The Truth About Love (2012) I’m not a slut, I just love love Tell me something new Cause I’ve heard this Okay I’ll fuck you A little taste test You’ll be my little friend You’ll be my little friend You’ll be my little friend And they think we fall… Leggi »

Testo My Vietnam – Pink

Testo della canzone My Vietnam di Pink Album: Missundaztood Daddy was a soldier He taught me about freedom Peace and all the great things That we can take advantage of Once I fed the homeless I’ll never forget The look upon their faces as I Treated them with respect CHORUS This is my Vietnam I’m at war Life… Leggi »

Testo FUNHOUSE – Pink

Testo della canzone FUNHOUSE di Pink Album: Funhouse (2008) Tear us down Throw you out Screaming down the halls Spinning all around and now we fall Pictures framing up the past Your taunting smirk behind the glass This museum full of ash Once a tickle Now a rash This used to be a funhouse But now it’s full… Leggi »

Testo Try – Pink

Testo della canzone Try di Pink Album: The Truth About Love (2012) One. Two, Three, Four! You follow every line, you wear your perfect patch and style yawl, But you’re like a satellite and you’re drifting through the sky You can’t make up your mind about this or that, or anything at all You go with the flow… Leggi »