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Testo It Was You – Pokemon

Testo della canzone It Was You dei Pokemon Album: Mewtwo Strikes Back: Ost 1999 When I think of what I’ve been through I can see that you’ve always been there for me To tell the truth I don’t know what I’d do without you, None of my dreams would have come true. You are the one that I… Leggi »

Testo Song Of Jigglypuff – Pokemon

Testo della canzone Song Of Jigglypuff dei Pokemon Album: Totally Pkmn Jiggaly…puff…jiggaly…puff! Jiggaly…puff…jiggaly… Anytime, anyplace, anywhere… With trouble brewing! Or laughter in the air! With a smile, with a sigh, with all the right stuff! There are so many times when the song is just enough! Magical powers… In the lush grass, In the shade of Mt. Moon,… Leggi »

Testo Hey Pikachu – Pokemon

Testo della canzone Hey Pikachu dei Pokemon Album: Bonus Track – Sung By Nyasu And Pikachu Hey! Pikachu Omae wa oira no koto tegowai RIVAL da to omotte-ru kamoshirenai ga… (I think you may be our greatest rival, but…) Hey! Pikachu Oira wa omae no koto (we’re what you’re all about) Zenzen hontoni chittomo ishikishite-nai no nya (but… Leggi »

Testo Team Rocket Rap – Pokemon

Testo della canzone Team Rocket Rap dei Pokemon Album: None Jesse & James: You know us as Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong! We’re tired of our motto so we thought we’d try a song! Jesse: Jesse! James: James! Both: The speed of light! Prepare to fight! Meowth: Meowth! That’s right! James: I am the… Leggi »