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Testo Rancor – Primus

Testo della canzone Rancor di Primus Album: Highball With The Devil Rancor, rancor. Wake up and thank her. Where’s Billy Bob? Gene, weight the anchor. Rancor, rancor. You really oughtn’t spank her Oh olalaberry. Rancor, rancor. Isabella Dzerman grew up to be a banker. Rancor, rancor. The parasite wanker does olalaberry. She think’s she’s so complimentary, but it… Leggi »

Testo Sinister Exaggerator – Primus

Testo della canzone Sinister Exaggerator di Primus Album: Your life is leaning downhill Sloping off the outer edge Your undetermined oyster beds Were found to be a hedge You cause the kids of Elmer Fudd To feed the farmer whose Cadaver’s filled with onion rings And feet are filled with glue Now sinister exaggerator What’s your claim to… Leggi »


Testo della canzone SATHINGTON WILLOBY di Primus Album: ————————- We are gathered here Today in these majestic Halls of old to honor A man they call Sathington Willoby There’s a joke or two, A pun or three I feel that must be Told then I go on to Soeak of Sathington Willoby Sathington Willoby The legislator that Penned… Leggi »

Testo The Toys Go Winding Down – Primus

Testo della canzone The Toys Go Winding Down di Primus Album: Frizzle Fry An overaged boy of thirty-nine has left the wing today. The first time in his life he’s made that step. Be numbed by the society and plagued by insecurity. He’s entered in a race that must be won. One of the animals has left its… Leggi »

Testo The Return Of Sathington Willoughby – Primus

Testo della canzone The Return Of Sathington Willoughby di Primus Album: The Brown Album Fellow colleagues,distinguished members of the press,ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take this opportunity to personally and humbly thank each and every one of you for joining us at this particular event. It is my hope that we can utilize this meeting of… Leggi »

Testo Spegetti Western – Primus

Testo della canzone Spegetti Western di Primus Album: Frizzle Fry Why do we do this C.G. and I? Every night vegetables, Minds numbed up by THC. I’ve got my pen, C.G. the remote. Laurel and Hardy’s the best bet at four A.M. On a Friday No dreads about the working day after though. Funny thing about weekends When… Leggi »

Testo Coddingtown – Primus

Testo della canzone Coddingtown di Primus Album: Miscellaneous Went down to Coddingtown to buy for Lucky Dog. Moved on up to Sono-co to clear my head of smog. People round town they all line up to buy them Chevrolets. But me I talked to the Mopar man, been talkin’ now for days. I went down to Coddingtown, it… Leggi »

Testo Coaatails Of A Dead Man – Primus

Testo della canzone Coaatails Of A Dead Man di Primus Album: Antipop He wasn’t lookin’ for fanfare or fame But it all came around just the same He then met a girl with desire in her eye He gave her love, she took her name The times they were good, the times they were bad Most times it… Leggi »

Testo Ballad of Bodaciou – Primus

Testo della canzone Ballad of Bodaciou di Primus Album: Bodacious am a whole lotta’ bull over nineteen hundred pounds. He’s born in Galry, Oklahoma and he’s the baddest sonsabitch around if a Burma bull ever were a super star then Bodacious just might be. He’s a cream colored, beefy brawn, full-fledged, four footed bovine celebrity. Who’s gonna ride… Leggi »

Testo Jellikit – Primus

Testo della canzone Jellikit di Primus Album: Miscellaneous I just want to satisfy you I would like to rectify you Pay no attention to what you’ve heard This mediocrity is so absurd. But I won’t listen to erratic advice Don’t make me ask you nice I just want to satisfy you I would like to contemplate you Perhaps… Leggi »