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Testo Mrs Blaileen – Primus

Testo della canzone Mrs Blaileen di Primus Album: Tales From The Punchbowl Mrs. Blaileen – she was his sixth grade teacher and she controlled the children by using humiliation The target always seemed to be Donny He was a bit slower than the others When he was quite young his mother died at the kitchen table while choking… Leggi »

Testo Holy Mackerel – Primus

Testo della canzone Holy Mackerel di Primus Album: Highball With The Devil Pick a name, pick a place, chances are I’ve had the means to be there. Pick a date, pick a time, I got it from a friend of mine, the ability to socialize. Holy Mackerel Once when I was young, I troubled over imperfection in my… Leggi »

Testo Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers – Primus

Testo della canzone Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers di Primus Album: Sailing The Seas Of Cheese I’ve seen them out at Soco They’re pounding sixteen penny nails The truckers on the interstate Have been known to ride the rails The sweat is beating on the brow Can’t keep these fellas down ‘Cause those damned blue-collared tweekers Are runnin’ this… Leggi »

Testo Dirty Drowning Man – Primus

Testo della canzone Dirty Drowning Man di Primus Album: I’m a dog, a dirty flying dog. I drink Campari with marinated wild hog. I’ve no sense, I like electric fence. I put barbed wire in my pants and do a celtic dance. But when I can, I’m a giving man. I’ll flip you out the fire and back… Leggi »

Testo Walk – Primus

Testo della canzone Walk di Primus Album: Miscellaneous Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistance? One step away from lashing out at you… You want in to get under my skin and call yourself a friend. I’ve got more friends like you What do I do ? Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who am… Leggi »

Testo The Chastising Of Renegade – Primus

Testo della canzone The Chastising Of Renegade di Primus Album: There was this kid in our neighborhood His Pop had named him Renegade He lived up to his name With all the trouble that he made One day ol’ Renegade Snuck into the Park Theater downtown For a laugh he set fire to the screen Burnt the whole… Leggi »

Testo El Sobrante Fortnight – Primus

Testo della canzone El Sobrante Fortnight di Primus Album: Highball With The Devil Brimming with all the hopes and desires of American youth, He set forth as a leader of sorts. Just what sorts it is impossible to say at this time. But he had the imaginary support he needed to venture beyond the Small enviornment he’d come… Leggi »

Testo GROUND HOGS DAY – Primus

Testo della canzone GROUND HOGS DAY di Primus Album: ———————– When I woke up this mornin’ I felt a pang I was hungerin’ for some apple pie Stumble in the bathroom, Hung my hog a little bit Washed the sleep out of my eye Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a fine day Scratched myself a bit Poured me… Leggi »

Testo John The Fisherman – Primus

Testo della canzone John The Fisherman di Primus Album: Frizzle Fry When he was young you’d not find him doing well in school, His mind would turn unto the waters. Always the focus of adolescent ridicule, He has no time for farmer’s daughters. Alienated from the clique society, A lonely boy finds peace in fishing. His mother says… Leggi »

Testo The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Primus

Testo della canzone The Devil Went Down To Georgia di Primus Album: Miscellaneous *************************************** Primus – The Devil Went Down To Georgia *************************************** The devil went down to Georgia He was lookin’ for a soul to steal He was in a bind ‘cause he was way behind And he was willing to make a deal When he came… Leggi »