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Testo Dreaming About You – Prince

Testo della canzone Dreaming About You di Prince Album: If the wind blew every petal from your precious red rose Would U be afraid of what U’d find inside? When I’m alone in my room I can’t stop dreaming about U, dreaming about U When I’m alone in my room I can’t stop dreaming about U, dreaming about… Leggi »

Testo Into The Light – Prince

Testo della canzone Into The Light di Prince Album: Chaos And Disorder From out of the darkness, before there was time There came a sound that enters the mind Through a door that’s deep in your soul Through every pore of your body it goes And in a light 2 bright 2 behold Is the truth more shiny… Leggi »

Testo Space Acoustic Remix – Prince

Testo della canzone Space Acoustic Remix di Prince Album: Miscellaneous Controversy Music, ASCAP – 1994] t-minus 60 seconds and counting arm light on switching command 2 internal switching command 2 internal [missile..internal..] affirmative ready check affirmative affirmative Space I never been one 2 hide my feelings Baby, u blow my mind I painted your face upon my ceiling… Leggi »

Testo Chili Sauce – Prince

Testo della canzone Chili Sauce di Prince Album: Miscellaneous Ah, good evening Mr. Day, 2 4 dinner? Yes, give us one of those little sexy tables in the back Oh, I’m sorry sir, those are all taken Jerome… I think maybe we can arrange it Mr. Day Thank U so much (Oh Morris, was that necessary?) Jerome… (OK,… Leggi »