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Testo Long Away – Queen

Album: A Day At The Races (1976) Testo della canzone Long Away dei Queen You might believe in heaven I would not care to say For every star in heaven There’s a sad soul here today Wake up in the morning with a good face Stare at the moon all day Lonely as a whisper on a star… Leggi »

Testo I’m In Love With My Car – Queen

Album: A Night At The Opera (1975) Testo della canzone I’m In Love With My Car dei Queen The machine of a dream, such a clean machine. With the pistons a pumpin’, and the hubcaps all gleam. When I’m holding your wheel, All I hear is your gear, When my hands on your grease gun, Oh it’s like… Leggi »

Testo I Can’t Live With You – Queen

Album: Innuendo (1991) Testo della canzone I Can’t Live With You dei Queen I can’t live with you But I can’t live without you – I can’t let you stay But I can’t live if you go away I don’t know just how it goes All I know is I can’t live with you I’m having a hard… Leggi »

Testo Flash’s Theme – Queen

Album: Flash Gordon (1980) Testo della canzone Flash’s Theme dei Queen Ming: Klytus, I’m bored. What play thing can you offer me today? Klytus: An obscure body in the S-K System, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as the planet Earth Ming: I like to play with things while… before annihilation Ming: Pathetic Earthlings – who can… Leggi »

Testo The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke – Queen

Album: Queen II (1974) Testo della canzone The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke dei Queen he’s a fairy feller the fairy folk have gathered round the new moon shine to see the feller crack a nut at nights noon time to swing his ace he swears, as it climbs he dares to deliver… the master-stroke ploughman, waggoner will ,… Leggi »

Testo Bijou – Queen

Album: Innuendo (1991) Testo della canzone Bijou dei Queen You and me We are destined You’ll agree To spend the rest of our lives With each other The rest of our days Like two lovers Forever – yeah – forever My bijou… Tutte le canzoni dei Queen

Testo Thank God Its Christmas – Queen

Album: Queen: Greatest Hits III Testo della canzone Thank God Its Christmas dei Queen Oh my love we’ve had our share of tears Oh my friend we’ve had our hopes and fears Oh my friends it’s been a long hard year But now it’s Christmas Yes it’s Christmas Thank God it’s Christmas The moon and stars seem awful… Leggi »

Testo Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon – Queen

Album: A Night At The Opera Testo della canzone Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon dei Queen I go out to work on a Monday morning Tuesday I go off to honeymoon I’ll be back again before it’s time for Sunny-down, I’ll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon Bicycling on every Wednesday evening Thursday I go waltzing to the… Leggi »

Testo Lily Of The Valley – Queen

Album: Sheer Heart Attack (1974) Testo della canzone Lily Of The Valley dei Queen I am forever searching high and low But why does everybody tell me no Neptune of the seas Have you an answer for me please And the lily of the valley doesn’t know I lie in wait with open eyes I carry on through… Leggi »

Testo My Baby Does Me – Queen

Album: The Miracle (1989) Testo della canzone My Baby Does Me dei Queen My baby Baby does My baby does, me good My baby does May baby does me My baby does me good My lady Understands Understands me, right She understands me She understands me Understands me right My baby cares She really cares She knows what’s… Leggi »