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Testo We Will Rock You – Queen

Album: News of the World (1977) Testo della canzone We Will Rock You dei Queen Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise Playin’ in the street gonna be a big man some day You got mud on yo’ face You big disgrace Kickin’ your can all over the place Singin’ We will we will rock you We… Leggi »

Testo One Year Of Love – Queen

Album: A Kind of Magic (1986) Testo della canzone One Year Of Love dei Queen Just one year of love Is better than a lifetime alone One sentimental moment in your arms Is like a shooting star right through my heart It’s always a rainy day without you I’m a prisoner of love inside you I’m falling apart… Leggi »

Testo I Go Crazy – Queen

Album: Complete Works (1985) Testo della canzone I Go Crazy dei Queen I took my baby dancing to see a heavy band But I never saw my baby ‘til the encore She had the singer by the hand I didn’t wanna cry ‘cause I had to be cool I didn’t wanna tell you that you’re much to cruel… Leggi »

Testo Jealousy – Queen

Album: Jazz (1978) Testo della canzone Jealousy dei Queen Oh how wrong can you be? Oh to fall in love was my very first mistake How was I to know I was far too much in love to see? Oh jealousy look at me now Jealousy you got me somehow You gave me no warning Took me by… Leggi »

Testo Great King Rat – Queen

Album: Queen (1973) Testo della canzone Great King Rat dei Queen Great King Rat died today Born on the twenty first of May Died syphillis forty four on his birthday Every second word he swore Yes he was the son of a whore Always wanted by the law Wouldn’t you like to know? Wouldn’t you like to know… Leggi »

Testo Sleeping On The Sidewalk – Queen

Album: News of the World (1977) Testo della canzone Sleeping On The Sidewalk dei Queen I was nothin’ but a city boy My trumpet was my only toy I’ve been blowin’ my horn Since I knew I was born But there ain’t nobody wants to know I’ve been Sleepin’ on the sidewalk Rollin’ down the road I may… Leggi »

Testo Lost Opportunity – Queen

Album: Innuendo (1991) Testo della canzone Lost Opportunity dei Queen Every morning, I face the sun I lift my head and smile at everyone Every afternoon you’ll find me workin’ on I’ve got my new shoes on Got to keep movin’ on (that’s what they say) But every night I’m tossed I shake my fevered brow Thinking of… Leggi »