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Testo The Invisible Man – Queen

Album: The Miracle (1989) Testo della canzone The Invisible Man dei Queen I’m the invisible man, I’m the invisible man, Incredible how you can, See right through me, When you hear a sound, That you just can’t place Feel somethin’ move That you just can’t trace, When something sits On the end of your bed Don’t turn around… Leggi »

Testo Don’t Try Suicide – Queen

Album: The Game (1980) Testo della canzone Don’t Try Suicide dei Queen O.K. Don’t do it Don’t you try it baby Don’t do that Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t do that You got a good thing going now Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t Don’t try suicide Nobody’s worth it Don’t try suicide Nobody cares Don’t try suicide… Leggi »

Testo The Hero – Queen

Album: Flash Gordon (1980) Testo della canzone The Hero dei Queen So you feel like you ain’t nobody Always needed to be somebody Put your feet on the ground Put your hand on your heart, Lift your head to the stars And the World’s for your taking (all you have to do is save the world) So you… Leggi »

Testo Now I’m Here – Queen

Album: Queen Greatest Hits Testo della canzone Now I’m Here dei Queen Here I stand (here I stand..) Look around around around around (Around around around around..) But you won’t see me (you won’t see me..) Now I’m here (now I’m here..) Now I’m there (now I’m there..) I’m just a just a new man Yes you made… Leggi »

Testo Going Back – Queen

Album: In Nuce (1999) Testo della canzone Going Back dei Queen I think I’m going back To the things I learnt so well in my youth I think I’m returning to Those days when I was young enough to know the truth Now there are no games To only pass the time No more colouring books No Christmas… Leggi »

Testo Machines (or Back To Humans) – Queen

Album: The Works (1984) Testo della canzone Machines (or Back To Humans) dei Queen It’s a Machine’s world Don’t tell me I ain’t got no soul When the machines take over It ain’t no place for you and me. They tell me I don’t care But deep inside I’m just a man They freeze me they burn me… Leggi »

Testo Dancer May – Queen

Album: Hot Space (1982) Testo della canzone Dancer May dei Queen I’m not invited to the party Been sitting here all night I’m all alone here at the party Ain’t got no black coat Ain’t got no tie I gotta shape up now You gotto know why Dancer, Dancer I can’t live with it I’m gonna die without… Leggi »

Testo Party – Queen

Album: The Miracle (1989) Testo della canzone Party dei Queen We had a good night jamming away, There was a fullmoon showing, And we started to play, But in the cold light of day next morning Party was over, The party was over. We got love and we got style, And we got sex and I know we… Leggi »

Testo You And I – Queen

Album: A Day At The Races (1976) Testo della canzone You And I dei Queen Music is playing in the darkness And a lantern goes swinging by Shadows flickering My heart’s jittering Just you and I Not tonight Come tomorrow When everything’s sunny and bright No No No Come tomorrow Cos then we’ll be waiting for the moonlight… Leggi »