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Testo Liar – Queen

Album: Queen (1973) Testo della canzone Liar dei Queen I have sinned dear Father Father I have sinned Try and help me Father Won’t you let me in? Liar Nobody believes me Liar Why don’t they leave me alone? Sire I have stolen stolen many times Raised my voice in anger When I know I never should Liar… Leggi »

Testo Some Day, One Day – Queen

Album: Queen II (1974) Testo della canzone Some Day, One Day dei Queen you never heard my song before the music was too loud but now i think you hear me well for now we both know how no star can light our way in this cloud of dark and fear but some day, one day… funny how… Leggi »

Testo It’s A Hard Life – Queen

Album: The Works (1984) Testo della canzone It’s A Hard Life dei Queen I don’t want my freedom There’s no reason for living with a broken heart. This is a tricky situation – I’ve only got myself to blame It’s just a simple fact of life It can happen to anyone – You win – you lose It,s… Leggi »

Testo Stop All The Fighting – Queen

Album: I Was Born to Love You (1996) Testo della canzone Stop All The Fighting dei Queen Stop all stop all (stop all) the fighting Stop all stop all stop all the fighting Stop it stop all the fighting We want to live in a better place (live in a better place) We want to make a better… Leggi »

Testo Dear Friends – Queen

Album: Sheer Heart Attack (1974) Testo della canzone Dear Friends dei Queen So dear friends your love has gone Only tears to dwell upon I dare not say as the wind must blow So a love is lost, a love is won Go to sleep and dream again Soon your hopes will rise and then From all this… Leggi »

Testo Driven By You – Queen

Album: Greatest Hits III (1999) Testo della canzone Driven By You dei Queen Oh – everything I do I do for you Oh yeah We touch and you’re afraid of me and We burn and now I’m at your feet High speed,but you know you’re in safe hands In the dark we make a brighter light From one… Leggi »

Testo Don’t Lose Your Head – Queen

Album: A Kind of Magic (1986) Testo della canzone Don’t Lose Your Head dei Queen Don’t lose your head, Don’t lose your head, Don’t lose your head, Don’t lose your head, No don’t lose your head, Don’t lose your head, Hear what I say, Don’t lose your way – yeah. Remember, love’s stronger, remember love walks tall. Don’t… Leggi »

Testo It’s Late – Queen

Album: News of the World (1977) Testo della canzone It’s Late dei Queen Scene 1: You say you love me And I hardly know your name And if I say I love you in the candle light There’s no-one but myself to blame But there’s something inside That’s turning my mind away Oh how could I love you… Leggi »

Testo Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) – Queen

Album: Hot Space (1982) Testo della canzone Life Is Real (Song For Lennon) dei Queen Guilt stains on my pillow Blood on my terraces Torsos in my closet Shadows from my past life is real Life is real, life is real, so real Sleeping is my leisure Waking up in a minefield Dream is just a pleasure dome… Leggi »