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Testo Optimistic – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Optimistic dei Radiohead Album: Kid A Flies are buzzing around my head Vultures circling the dead Picking up every last crumb The big fish eat the little ones The big fish eat the little ones Not my problem give me some You can try the best you can If you try the best you can… Leggi »

Testo Kid A – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Kid A dei Radiohead Album: Kid A I slipped away I slipped on a little white lie We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists We got heads on sticks You got ventriloquists Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed (x4) Rats and children follow me out of town Rats and children… Leggi »

Testo Nude (Big Ideas) – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Nude (Big Ideas) dei Radiohead Album: Don’t get any big ideas They’re not gonna happen You paint your smile And fill the holes There’ll be something missing Just when you found it It’s gone Just when you feel it You don’t It’s gone forever She stands stark naked And she beckons you to bed Don’t… Leggi »

Testo Melatonin – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Melatonin dei Radiohead Album: Don’t forget that you are our son Now go back to bed We just know that you are ours You won’t cry too hard Death to all who stand in your way Wave my arms you Tutte le canzoni dei Radiohead

Testo TRUE LOVE WAITS – Radiohead

Testo della canzone TRUE LOVE WAITS dei Radiohead Album: I’ll drown my beliefs To have you be in peace I’ll dress like your niece To wash your swollen feet Just don’t leave, don’t leave And true love waits In haunted attics And true love wins On lollipops and crisps Just don’t leave, don’t leave I’m not living I’m… Leggi »

Testo Karma Police – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Karma Police dei Radiohead Album: Ok Computer Karma police arrest this man he talks in maths He buzzes like a fridge he’s like a detuned radio Karma police arrest this girl her hitler hairdo Is making me feel ill & we have crashed her party. This is what you get. This is what you get.… Leggi »

Testo Sing A Song For You – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Sing A Song For You dei Radiohead Album: Miscellaneous in my heart is where I long for you in my smile I search for you each time you turn and run away I cry inside my silly way, just too young to know any more in my world the devil dances and dares to leave… Leggi »

Testo Exit Music – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Exit Music dei Radiohead Album: OK Computer Wake from your sleep and dry all your tears Today we escape We escape Pack and get dressed Before your father hears us Before all Hell breaks loose Breathe, keep breathing Don’t loose your nerve Breathe, keep breathing I can’t do this alone Sing us a song A… Leggi »

Testo Rabbit In Your Headlights – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Rabbit In Your Headlights dei Radiohead Album: Miscellaneous I’m a rabbit in your headlights Scared of the spotlight You don’t come to visit I’m stuck on this bed Thin rubber gloves She laughs when she’s crying She cries when she’s laughing Fat bloody fingers are sucking your soul away I’m a rabbit in your headlights… Leggi »

Testo Subterranian Homesick Alien – Radiohead

Testo della canzone Subterranian Homesick Alien dei Radiohead Album: The breath of the morning, I keep forgetting The smell of the warm summer air. I live in a town Where you can’t smell a thing, You watch your feet For cracks in the pavement. Up above, aliens hover Making home movies for the folk back home. Of all… Leggi »