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Testo Planet Earth – Ramones

Testo della canzone Planet Earth dei Ramones Album: The solution to peace isn’t clear the terrorist Thret is a modern fear there are no jobs for the young They turn to crime turn to drugs battle ships crowd the sea 16 year old in the army our jails are filled To the max discrimination against the blacks Russian… Leggi »

Testo Little Bit Osoul – Ramones

Testo della canzone Little Bit Osoul dei Ramones Album: Now when you’re feelin’ low And the fish won’t bite you need a little bit o’soul To put you’re right you’re gotta make like you Wanna kneel and pray And then a little bit o’soul Will come your way Now when you’re girl has gone And you’re broke in… Leggi »

Testo Mamas Boy – Ramones

Testo della canzone Mamas Boy dei Ramones Album: couldn’t keep a secret got a concrete skull couldn’t shut up you’re an imbecile you’re an ugly dog there’s nothing to gain you couldn’t shut up got a bad bad brain couldn’t hold your tongue you were just too young like a two year old you told you told you… Leggi »

Testo Scattergun – Ramones

Testo della canzone Scattergun dei Ramones Album: Adios Amigos! Smooth bore, scattergun, you are the only one To cover me when I sleep, cover me in my dreams carry a smooth bore Scattergun, steal from me there’ll be no time to run I got the bead on you, she fires true Take what you want and I’ll do… Leggi »

Testo Commando – Ramones

Testo della canzone Commando dei Ramones Album: Leave Home They do their best they do what they can They get them ready for Viet Nam From old Hanoi to East Berlin Commando—Involved again They do their best they do what they can They get them ready for Viet Nam First rule is: The laws of Germany Second rule… Leggi »