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Testo Somebody – Reba McEntire

Testo della canzone Somebody di Reba McEntire Album: NA At a diner down on Broadway they make small talk When she brings his eggs and fills his coffee cup He jokes about his love life And tells her he’s ‘bout ready to give up That’s when she says, Tutte le canzoni di Reba McEntire

Testo No Such Thing – Reba Mcentire

Testo della canzone No Such Thing di Reba Mcentire Album: Well there’s news flying ‘round On the rosy side of town That I have gone and found somebody new Well ? Against the way some people talk I guess sometimes it’s all they have to do Chorus: Oh there ain’t no such thing As me not loving you… Read More »

Testo One Promise Too Late – Reba McEntire

Testo della canzone One Promise Too Late di Reba McEntire Album: What Am I Gonna Do About You I would have waited forever If I’d known that you’d be here We could have shared our lives together And held each other close all through the years But I met someone before you And my heart just couldn’t wait… Read More »

Testo You Lie – Reba McEntire

Testo della canzone You Lie di Reba McEntire Album: Rumor Has It We lie in the dark I know you’re awake The only sounds are the sounds this old house makes But, oh how I long, I long to hear your voice Desperate to talk, yearning to touch Burning inside ‘cause I want you so much So I… Read More »

Testo Shes Callin It Love – Reba McEntire

Testo della canzone Shes Callin It Love di Reba McEntire Album: Everybody’s callin’ it a real big shame She keeps lettin’ him treat her that way He’s older and he’s wild She’s such a pretty child He must be thinkin’ ‘bout one thing But there are stars in her eyes ‘Cause she’s thinkin’ he might Give her that… Read More »

Testo If Only – Reba Mcentire

Testo della canzone If Only di Reba Mcentire Album: If only I’d have thought to send you roses For no reason just to send you roses And if only I thought to say more often I love you But I just assumed you knew Chorus: And if only I’d have tried a little harder If only we’d have… Read More »

Testo Ill Take Your Heart – Reba Mcentire

Testo della canzone Ill Take Your Heart di Reba Mcentire Album: (what’s in parantheses is background vocals) (r.j. lange) Movin up where you want to be Talking tough, that won’t work with me It’s my heart, it ain’t hollywood You want it baby Oh you got to be good (heyya) mm (heyya) heyyy (heyya) ooo (hey hey ya)… Read More »