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Testo No Problem – Robert Palmer

Testo della canzone No Problem di Robert Palmer Album: Who’d ever guess to look at her? They say she’s a dancer but they don’t fool me You thought you knew it all, cos you’d been there Thought she was a flirt you didn’t know her You kissed the girls and made them cry You thought you would be… Leggi »

Testo Housework – Robert Palmer

Testo della canzone Housework di Robert Palmer Album: Wave goodbye from out of the window Good-no trouble starting the car Time for just one more cup of coffee You know the housework won’t wait Where to start now? – time to get going The housework keeps you feeling alive Clear the plates and wash up the dishes RRR!… Leggi »

Testo I Go Rhythm – Robert Palmer

Testo della canzone I Go Rhythm di Robert Palmer Album: I choose you When love comes along you go with the flow You should trust your feelings on it When you get hit by the arrow you’ll know Cupid’s aim is always on it It’s half past two now Your face is lovely It’s only lit by candlelight… Leggi »

Testo Here with You Tonight – Robert Palmer

Testo della canzone Here with You Tonight di Robert Palmer Album: (Gage) Hey girl, you sit there pining Inside you feel you’re dying and the world doesn’t care You need someone to rely on You need a shoulder you can cry on, Well there’s one right here But let get’s one thing clear I ain’t no substitution for… Leggi »

Testo Whats It Take – Robert Palmer

Testo della canzone Whats It Take di Robert Palmer Album: Youre lonely can I see you I hire a private red-eye rocket But when I walk in here You wanna go through all my pockets Whats it take? Mamma whats it take? Ive known you all these years And still you overhaul my letters They dont confirm your… Leggi »