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Testo It Will Take A Long Long Time – Roxette

Testo della canzone It Will Take A Long Long Time dei Roxette Album: Have A Nice Day Sunny called, I was in the hall and made a note I have to paint the kitchen walls An angel smiled across the room All in all, it was a lazy afternoon Then I thought about you I think it was… Leggi »

Testo Kix – Roxette

Testo della canzone Kix dei Roxette Album: Unknown All around the world you go All around the world you go All around the world you go The more you go The less you know, hey baby You’ll never stand a chance All you’re lookin Tutte le canzoni dei Roxette

Testo Dance Away – Roxette

Testo della canzone Dance Away dei Roxette Album: Look Sharp! There’s a hidden meaning in everything he says, every close encounter, every kiss, every caress. Even the truth has got that bitter taste of a lie. Well, I can read his lips but I can’t read his mind. I can see him dance away now oh oh –… Leggi »

Testo Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart) – Roxette

Testo della canzone Bla Bla Bla Bla (You Broke My Heart) dei Roxette Album: Unknown You promised me it would last forever You said there’s no way it could die Everything you ever told me Was a bunch of lies Hey, I’m on the back of the outside You know that’s not where I belong, no Every truth,… Leggi »

Testo Directamente a T – Roxette

Testo della canzone Directamente a T dei Roxette Album: Unknown written by: Per Gessle Ooh, just a little bit dangerous… You pack your bag. You take control. You’re moving into my heart and into my soul. Get out of my way! Get out of my sight! I won’t be walking on thin ice to get through the night.… Leggi »

Testo Twenty – Roxette

Testo della canzone Twenty dei Roxette Album: Unknown Lay it down, pull my heart to the ground, time’s getting cold now the leaves all turn hard and blue. And I know when I gaze to the sun, no place to hide, I got nowhere to run from you, away from you Hold me now, girl, I don’t know… Leggi »

Testo Cuanto Lo Siento (Im Sorry) – Roxette

Testo della canzone Cuanto Lo Siento (Im Sorry) dei Roxette Album: Unknown Nos vimos los dos, qu sucedi. Todo perfecto, todo correcto. Un beso t, un beso yo. Dos prometidos desconocidos Oh! Cuanto lo siento, te quiero, si. Cuantp ;o siento, me voy de aqu. Cuanto lo siento por t, por m, s … Perdname debo seguir porque… Leggi »

Testo It Must Have Been Love – Roxette

Testo della canzone It Must Have Been Love dei Roxette Album: Unknown It must have been love but it´s over now… Lay a whisper on my pillow Leave the winter on the ground I wake up lonely, there´s air of silence In the bedroom and all around Touch me now, I close my eyes And dream away It… Leggi »

Testo Timida (Vulnerable) – Roxette

Testo della canzone Timida (Vulnerable) dei Roxette Album: Balads En Espanol Es asi, la veo sonreir con ojos distraidos, quieta en una esquina corno si yo no estuviera alli. Creo yo que el juego es para dos, los dos el mismo juego. Pero no se da, de pronto ya no esta y no me deja ni un adios.… Leggi »