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Testo The Way of the World – Saga

Testo della canzone The Way of the World dei Saga Album: You don’t look good or be nice too You gotta watch you say and do You keep your hands in your pockets – Close the door, did you lock it – Yeah, all you sharks out there You better be careful where you step Don’t say you… Leggi »

Testo The One – Saga

Testo della canzone The One dei Saga Album: Can someone tell me who I’ve got to pay to help me find a remedy? Now I’m not sure I can wait another day ‘cause I’m my own worst enemy There was a time I thought I knew the way but that’s all ancient history Cause every time I feel… Leggi »

Testo The Pitchman – Saga

Testo della canzone The Pitchman dei Saga Album: No way I’m ready for 2001 Some things have got to change before that day comes It’s touch and go, excuse me have you got the time We know what happened here we don’t need a judge When someone shouts Tutte le canzoni dei Saga

Testo (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time – Saga

Testo della canzone (Goodbye) Once Upon A Time dei Saga Album: As a child Each day seemed to last forever All the answers To mysteries were mine to uncover As a child I was entertained by simple pleasures All the questions Were ways to find the earlen treasures As a child Sheltered by my innocence I was searching… Leggi »

Testo Giant – Saga

Testo della canzone Giant dei Saga Album: Looking back I can still remember The day a stranger came to town He didn’t say much of anything So why did everybody Try and put him down? I must admit that he looked A little different Maybe we just didn’t understand I knew that he’d never Fit into the system… Leggi »

Testo One Small Step – Saga

Testo della canzone One Small Step dei Saga Album: (Spoken-Instrumental) a) Sam’s New Friend (Spoken-Instrumental) b) We Hope You’re Feeling Better Where are you now When I need you the most? Father-Don’t you forget my cross We hope you’re feeling better We know you’ve been under the weather We can put you back together But nothing lasts forever… Leggi »

Testo The Vendetta (Still Helpless) – Saga

Testo della canzone The Vendetta (Still Helpless) dei Saga Album: I’m up each day At the crack of dawn Primed for the first inspection He’s running the home and the family Like a military installation (This can’t be right) (I feel so helpless) I can’t do this and I can’t do that I dare not make a move… Leggi »

Testo Starting All Over – Saga

Testo della canzone Starting All Over dei Saga Album: There hasn’t been a single day go by That I haven’t wondered what it would be like If I could just stop thinking ‘bout yesterday Cause I know all of my tomorrows start today Sometimes I sit back and wonder If a little temptation is all I really need… Leggi »

Testo Welcome to the Zoo – Saga

Testo della canzone Welcome to the Zoo dei Saga Album: Have we been here before? Oh… Have we been here before? Oh… Someone took me by the hand And lead me through an open door And told me, you’re just what I’m looking for Oh… I try so hard to understand Why the picture seemed so real ‘Cause… Leggi »

Testo Money Talks – Saga

Testo della canzone Money Talks dei Saga Album: What you want is not what you’ve got You can work ‘til dawn but when will it stop? You can take time off but never get caught It’s all part of the game One good turn deserves another And every dog has it’s day Can we make some more time… Leggi »