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Testo Milagro – Santana

Testo della canzone Milagro di Santana Album: Milagro Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana, Bob Marley, & M. Johnson Lyrics We can make it work We can make it work We can make it work We can make it work We heal the people with music We free the people with music We heal the people with music We free… Leggi »

Testo Praise – Santana

Testo della canzone Praise di Santana Album: Freedom Credits Property of the New Santana Band Lyrics Let me begin by telling you Something that happened turned my head around I took a walk on a cloudy day I met a friend, this is what he said Now is the time for change I´m trying to get to a… Leggi »

Testo Nueva York – Santana

Testo della canzone Nueva York di Santana Album: Shango Credits Music By: Carlos Santana, Alexander J. Ligertwood, Gregg Rolie, Graham Lear, Armando Peraza, Raul Rekow, & Orestes Vilato Tutte le canzoni di Santana

Testo Move On – Santana

Testo della canzone Move On di Santana Album: Inner Secrets Credits Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana & Chris Rhyne Lyrics Move on, there´s no time to waste complaining Move on, can´t you feel your heart expanding Every time I turn around Ignorance one step behind So come on and try again You can make it if you try Move… Leggi »

Testo Nothing At All Feat. Musiq – Santana

Testo della canzone Nothing At All Feat. Musiq di Santana Album: I am a victim of my time A product of my age There was no choosing my direction I was a holy man, but now With all my trials behind me I am weak in my conviction And so I walk, to try to turn away Knowing… Leggi »

Testo Over and Over – Santana

Testo della canzone Over and Over di Santana Album: Zebop Credits Music/ Lyrics: Rick Meyers Lyrics Watcha gonna do with your life Now that I´m leaving Are you believing You´ll make it on your own Didn´t you believe what I said Or was it just madness Living in sadness You´ll be all alone I said it over and… Leggi »

Testo Hoy Es Adios(feat. Alejandro Lerner – SANTANA

Testo della canzone Hoy Es Adios(feat. Alejandro Lerner di SANTANA Album: Miscellaneous [V1] l se fue con el invierno, l se ha ido a trabajar, No me ha escrito en mucho tiempo, l dijo que volver. [PRECH] Pero el tiempo pas No preguntes porque, l ya no regres a nuestro hogar La frontera marc Su destino final. Y… Leggi »

Testo Hope Youre Feeling Better – Santana

Testo della canzone Hope Youre Feeling Better di Santana Album: Is that you Your eyes slowly fading? Is that you Your mind full of tears? Is that you Searching for a good time? Is that you Waitin’ for all these years? Chorus: And I hope you’re feelin’ better Yes I hope you’re feelin’ good Yes I hope you’re… Leggi »