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Testo Hard Times – Santana

Testo della canzone Hard Times di Santana Album: Marathon Credits Property of the New Santana Band Lyrics Have you ever felt That your life is a wasting Happiness beyond your reach Sweet love has gone astray Suddenly it´s bitter Hard times Hard times When you´re all alone Nothing seems to matter Sadness always fills the air Hurts so… Leggi »

Testo Free as the Morning Sun – Santana

Testo della canzone Free as the Morning Sun di Santana Album: Miscellaneous Dont expect and you wont be disappointed And dont judge Offer your love Dont make promises to the world Keep them to yourself Youll be better off Hey! I know what Im talking about I know what Im talking about Dont complain Go out and do… Leggi »

Testo Give and Take – Santana

Testo della canzone Give and Take di Santana Album: Borboletta Credits Written by: Carlos Santana, Tom Coster & Michael Shrieve Lyrics Give & Take It´s a game of give & take Life´s a game of give & take early in the morning get your concentration on your meditation take the right direction for future destination, for future destination… Leggi »

Testo Amore (Sexo)(feat. Macy Gray – SANTANA

Testo della canzone Amore (Sexo)(feat. Macy Gray di SANTANA Album: Miscellaneous It’s like the ocean baby You make me feel so sexy Love so understating For only you I’m waiting You turn me on My love is on and on and You touch me makes me crazy I feel your body and me It’s like the ocean at… Leggi »

Testo Da Le Yaleo – Santana

Testo della canzone Da Le Yaleo di Santana Album: Supernatural Yo la vi cantando en Paris Ella quiso estar junto de mi Yo me sorprendi Quando dijo Yaleo Vamos caminando el ise Tomando vino y partiendo pan Ella dijo dame, dame ya YALEO YALEO YALEO – YALEO – YALEO – YALEO Tika n´gai wa yo Simba n´gai wa… Leggi »

Testo Africa Bamba – Santana

Testo della canzone Africa Bamba di Santana Album: Supernatural Ella baila la portugueza Estoy llamando a todas las morenas Y las llamada la viene da la luz Con calma se baila esta danza Y con amor canto yo esta cancion Africa bamba ase a un lado a la tristeza Y otra mas dulce no la podras encontrar Oye… Leggi »

Testo Guajira – Santana

Testo della canzone Guajira di Santana Album: Sacred Fire Credits Music/ Lyrics: Jose Areas, David Brown, & Rico Reyes Lyrics Vamonos guajira Vamos a bailar Mi Carinito Vamonos guajira Vamos a bailar Que lo que quiere guajira Si tu quieres bailar Yo te a garro la mano Y vamos a bailar Vamonos guajira Vamos a bailar Si morena… Leggi »

Testo Let the Children Play – Santana

Testo della canzone Let the Children Play di Santana Album: Festival Credits Music/ Lyrics: Carlos Santana & Leon Patillo Lyrics Let the children have their way Let the children play Let the children play (Repeat) Yo le digo caballero Que los ninos le quieren jugar Ellos tienen que jugar Ellos tienen que jugar (Repeat) Let the children play… Leggi »