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Testo True Hardcore – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone True Hardcore di Sebadoh Album: True hardcore is hard to find Takes the peaceful selfish kind To realize where the power lies in music The beauty may be hard to take Pray it’s not the evil fake There’s always time to change your mind And still be very true Always will be true Like evergreens… Leggi »

Testo Too Pure – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Too Pure di Sebadoh Album: Is something missing in my touch, a tension tugging at my smile? If there’s a right thing to say, I’m sure I missed it by a mile Swallowed in some detail, heavy in my blood I wanna hold you close, but I can’t lift my arms up Is there a… Leggi »

Testo Sexual Confusion – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Sexual Confusion di Sebadoh Album: When there’s someone doubting everything you do It keeps you alive unless someone’s shaking their head at everything you do It keeps you true Never learned to feel I must take it out on you I am so open-minded Everyone should be united Everyone should fight for tell the truth… Leggi »

Testo More Simple – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone More Simple di Sebadoh Album: They’re quite more simple than you They don’t see half that you do You’re walkin’ on clouds way up high Life has been cuddled in your mind They’re guessing suspicious, not true But we’re not to care like you do You skip leaves over bows God makes you sound like… Leggi »

Testo Level Anything – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Level Anything di Sebadoh Album: No one’s ever looked at you and seen right through so I can level anything I want Oh, a smile fades a lie Meanwhile, I choose to foreknow Ghosting, X and Y Please leave me alone in the land of crayons I know soon I’ll forget who I am so… Leggi »

Testo Drama Mine – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Drama Mine di Sebadoh Album: Close the Venetian blind Shut out the light and say goodbye to you Soon I can see right through You’re sitting here talking to Real eyes, pools of blue Making what you say the rule You make me dream of broken tools I need the Dramamine To be as crazy… Leggi »

Testo Truly Great Thing – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Truly Great Thing di Sebadoh Album: Make it easy and I’ll hold it against you I’m on a string dangled right in front of you Make it hard and I’ll run away Keep tomorrow as I kill today Trying to figure just what I deserve Slashing lines all across the earth Patience only makes the… Leggi »

Testo Careful – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Careful di Sebadoh Album: Drop your guard, I’ll get to know you Simon says it’s time to move And God only knows I think about you ’Cuz its never time to show and prove It’s never time to show and prove Hiding all the time destroys me Never know what’s right to do I only… Leggi »

Testo Good Things – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Good Things di Sebadoh Album: Where are all the good things, good things that I used to see? I need a simple good thing, a good thing that will stay Could I be a proud man, proud of what I have to show? A satisfied and proud man, blessed without a guilty soul I only… Leggi »