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Testo Soul Mate – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Soul Mate di Sebadoh Album: My soul mate is a special girl A girl that’s just like me She’ll share tremendous oral sex And try everything she sees She won’t be insane or hung-up Like most other girls I’ll worship her until it hurts ’Cuz she’s on top of my world Ewwwww, I’m a sad… Leggi »

Testo Made Real – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Made Real di Sebadoh Album: Made real the time, it’s a wonder at all Creature’s ears up to the wall Fold it over, try to get it inside I like to shake for awhile Watch as it flails like a Burning Man Try to catch me if you can Catch me if you can Got… Leggi »

Testo License to Confuse – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone License to Confuse di Sebadoh Album: I’m not attractive today, I’m not a sight for sore eyes I’m not an Adam or Eve, I’m just a nervous young thing Hear my voice strain as I sing, my will won’t bend and then break The crate will break and I’ll fall, I couldn’t help it at… Leggi »

Testo Narrow Stories – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Narrow Stories di Sebadoh Album: I feel disconnected like I don’t know where I am Things will be OK they say, but they don’t understand The wait of every word that must mean everything Don’t mean anything, put me down again I think and think ’til I feel fried and hope it goes away They… Leggi »

Testo Ocean – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Ocean di Sebadoh Album: So you think you’re in the middle of the ocean Stranded on an island of your own Or stuck in the top of a mountain Either way you’re gonna say you’re all alone And I hesitate to say that you’re a liar I never tell the truth myself But I tried… Leggi »

Testo Perfect Power – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Perfect Power di Sebadoh Album: You can walk on fire You can talk to the dead You can wait ’til tomorrow You can’t lose Ain’t it nice to find some wasted time wasn’t wasted blind? You only need to believe it Don’t you worry, right away under You possess the perfect power All above, others… Leggi »

Testo Homemade – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Homemade di Sebadoh Album: Sittin’ around with my homemade bone I’m naked and loose when no one’s home And I may let my fingers roam Juicing free on my holy bone Here I am, on my knees Praying to the beast that stole the sex from me I see something we should do If you… Leggi »

Testo I Believe In Fate – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone I Believe In Fate di Sebadoh Album: Miscellaneous I Believe in Fate (Barlow/Gaffney) The sun’s rising up It makes my head just spin ‘cos Lord God only knows Which state you’re living in Here’s to you baby Have a beautiful day The time is surely close When you’ll be heading my way I believe in… Leggi »

Testo Ride the Darker Wave – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Ride the Darker Wave di Sebadoh Album: You make your words so nice I’m waiting you to name a price One will walk along Praying as you sing your song Way and winters upon the season You baby to me so right, would it be out of reason? You’re me and my mouth; you know… Leggi »

Testo Vampire – Sebadoh

Testo della canzone Vampire di Sebadoh Album: Try to keep her down beside, but last night I set her free Free to let her spirit fly, left my choking stare behind Maybe if her will could grow, she might feel the need to leave Dying in my shadow, doubting I could ever let her be herself A sinful… Leggi »