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Testo Cut Every Corner – Simpsons

Testo della canzone Cut Every Corner dei Simpsons Album: If there’s a task that must be done, don’t turn your tail and run; don’t pout, don’t sob. Just do a half assed job. If you cut every cornet it is really not so bad. Everybody does it, even Mom and Dad. If nobody sees it, then nobody gets… Leggi »

Testo Ode to Branson – Simpsons

Testo della canzone Ode to Branson dei Simpsons Album: Remember the stars, you loved yesterday? Where did they go? Did they all pass away? Was it drugs or a car crush, or a face lift gone wrong? No they’re right here in Branson and they’re singing, this song! My name is Charo, I shake my maracas. Remember me… Leggi »

Testo The Way We Are – Simpsons

Testo della canzone The Way We Are dei Simpsons Album: So you like it this way? Indubitubly! Around the house, I never lift a finger, as a husband and father I’m subpar I’d rather drink a beer than win father of the year I’m happy with things the way they are I’m getting used to never getting noticed… Leggi »

Testo New Orleans – Simpsons

Testo della canzone New Orleans dei Simpsons Album: Songs In The Key Of Springfield from the musical Oh, Streetcar! featuring Chief Wiggum as The Narrator) Wiggum: Long before the SuperDome, Where the Saints of football play, Lived a city that the damned called home. Hear their hellish roundelay… Cast: New Orleans! Home of pirates, drunks, and whores! New… Leggi »

Testo We Put the Spring in Springfield – Simpsons

Testo della canzone We Put the Spring in Springfield dei Simpsons Album: You could close down Moe’s or the Quick-E-Mart, and nobody would care. But the heart and soul of Springfield’s in our Maison Derriere! We’re the sauce on your cake. we’re the cheese in your cake. We put the spring in Springfield! We’re the lace on your… Leggi »

Testo Lisas Protest Song – Simpsons

Testo della canzone Lisas Protest Song dei Simpsons Album: Come gather ‘round, children, it’s high time, ye learned! ‘Bout a hero, named Homer, and a devil, named Burns We’ll march ‘till we drop, the girls and the fellas We’ll fight to the death or else fold like umbrellas ‘Cause we’ll march day and night, by the big cooling… Leggi »

Testo Who Needs The Kwik-E-mart – Simpsons

Testo della canzone Who Needs The Kwik-E-mart dei Simpsons Album: When I first arrived, you were all such jerks! But now I’ve come to looove, your quirks! Maggie with her eyes so bright! Marge with hair by Frank Lloyd Wright Lisa can philosophize! Bart’s adept at spinning lies! Homer’s a delightful fella! Sorry bout the salmonella! Hehe, that’s… Leggi »

Testo Bad Cops – Simpsons

Testo della canzone Bad Cops dei Simpsons Album: Bad cops bad cops Bad cops bad cops Springfield cops are on the take But what do you expect for the money we make? Whether in a car or on a horse We don’t mind using excessive force Bad cops bad cops Bad cops, bad cops Tutte le canzoni dei… Leggi »

Testo A Chorus Line – Simpsons

Testo della canzone A Chorus Line dei Simpsons Album: OFF: One! chorus line of people, Dancing till they make us stop, Willie: Too! Everyone: Many dancing people, Covered with blood, gore and glop. Just one sniff of that fog And you’re inside out, It’s worse than that flesh-eating virus You’ve read about. Vital organs, they are what we’re… Leggi »