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Testo Man For All Seasons – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Man For All Seasons degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) Now the woman wears the trousers Now my shirts remain uncreased Now the shoe is on the other foot Maybe I can feel released All the pleasure of pleasing you All the powers of needing you Now I’m no longer keeping you So now she’s working at… Leggi »

Testo Messed Around – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Messed Around degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) She wants to give up love for good She kicks the fence and splits the wood, She cries her eyes out in the rain She swears aloud and so again, She feels messed around. She takes her coat off as it pours The passing daytime she ignores, Sits with… Leggi »

Testo Rose I Said – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Rose I Said degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) Yes I cried the moment that her hand slapped my face A mouth full of sandwich went all over the place She left like a tornado the door of course slammed I stood in the kitchen a very confused man The thump thump of her foot steps went… Leggi »

Testo Vicky Verky – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Vicky Verky degli Squeeze Album: Argybargy With her hair up in his fingers, The fish and chips smell lingers. Under amber street lamps, She hold the law in her hands. The moistness of the damp night Falls silent through the lamp light. Although she’s only 14, She really knows her courting. And up the railway… Leggi »

Testo Wedding Bells – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Wedding Bells degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) There at the altar I held up my head The sun shone through the stained glass I thought of Jesus I thought of my friends The angels played on their harps Me in my suit which doesn’t fit now Touched by the greatest feeling All of my family standing… Leggi »

Testo Loving You Tonight – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Loving You Tonight degli Squeeze Album: Miscellaneous Squeeze—Loving You Tonight (Difford/Tilbrook) The full moon’s glowing Blood red in the sky It hangs like fire On this winter’s night I sit on feelings That hang in suspense Nothing in my life makes sense A question mark hangs with the stars up above As I’m driving home… Leggi »