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Testo Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Black Coffee In Bed degli Squeeze Album: Miscellaneous There’s a stain on my notebook Where your coffee cup was And there’s ash in the pages Now I’ve got myself lost I was writing to tell you That my feelings tonight Are a stain on my notebook That rings your goodbye With the way that you… Leggi »

Testo Loves A Four Letter Word – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Loves A Four Letter Word degli Squeeze Album: (one of a hundred…) I wonder if shell bury my love So no one else will find A heart that has been broken A hundred or more times And when she gets up to wander I watch her as she goes Our eyes meeting for a second… Leggi »

Testo The Very First Dance – Squeeze

Testo della canzone The Very First Dance degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) I had finally beat my nerve To watch her on the stage Removing all her clothes Revealing only age Some men stared with a stun Some sat in married guilt That night I chewed a brick For ideals I had built And there we were in each… Leggi »

Testo King George Street – Squeeze

Testo della canzone King George Street degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) She left in the middle of the night with the kids Wrapped in a blanket with a packet of crisps Heading for her mothers on another estate The kids looked up at the light and the rain In the middle of the night such adventures made For two… Leggi »

Testo Dr. Jazz – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Dr. Jazz degli Squeeze Album: (Holland) Give me iko I wanna ball the wall here Shuffle in Dumaine Hear the hookacumbi Meet my tipatina Love her hold her tightly Wanna see her swaying In New Orleans nightly You know I wanna be there Drinking in the morning Holler in the evening Dr. Jazz Dr. Jazz… Leggi »

Testo A Moving Story – Squeeze

Testo della canzone A Moving Story degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) She moved from Clapham And didn’t look back Her life was changed in an instant The van was filled up And tied to the rack Her home that now seemed so distant Kissing goodbye To her friends on the stairs She felt a loss deep within her Sat… Leggi »

Testo Hourglass – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Hourglass degli Squeeze Album: Miscellaneous HOURGLASS by Squeeze I feel like I’m pounding on a big door No one can hear me knocking I feel like I’m falling flat to the floor No one can catch me from falling The hourglass has no more grains of sand My watched has stopped no more turning hands… Leggi »

Testo Hop, Skip and Jump – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Hop, Skip and Jump degli Squeeze Album: I wan’t nervous when I got this date I went along to investigate She turned out to look like me *(see note) I stood up and gave her the seat I’m so infatuated Seemed like its complicated I was helpless and I was sober She cracked her whip… Leggi »

Testo Out of Touch – Squeeze

Testo della canzone Out of Touch degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) You find a hair on my jacket And you know it’s not mine You look at my pillow But you’re wasting your time Because I’m out of touch with you Your smile no longer sings I’m so out of touch with you Now your phone forever rings You… Leggi »

Testo I Want You – Squeeze

Testo della canzone I Want You degli Squeeze Album: (DiffordTilbrook) You took all you could And gave all you had Knowing that I would have to understand As you changed the locks And threw out my socks There was peace at hand You sat in my chair Your chin on your knees I’m no longer there And you… Leggi »