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Testo With A Gun – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone With A Gun degli Steely Dan Album: Pretzel Logic I could be wrong but I have seen your face before; You were the man that I saw running from this door. You owed him money, but you gave him something more with a gun. With a gun you will be what you are just the… Leggi »

Testo Rose Darling – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone Rose Darling degli Steely Dan Album: Katy Lied Rose darling, come to me; Snke Mary’s gone to bed. All our steaming sounds of love cannot disturb her in her night Or raise her sleeping head. All I must ask of you is make my widest dreams come true; No one sees and no one knows… Leggi »

Testo Bad Sneakers – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone Bad Sneakers degli Steely Dan Album: A Decade Of Steely Dan Five names that I can hardly stand to hear, Including yours and mine and one more chimp who isn’t here I can see the ladies talking, how the times were getting hard And that fearsome excavation on Magnolia Boulevard Yes, I’m going insane And… Leggi »

Testo Your Gold Teeth – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone Your Gold Teeth degli Steely Dan Album: Countdown To Ecstasy Got a feeling I’ve been here before Watching as you cross the killing floor You know you’ll have to pay it all You’ll pay today or pay tomorrow You fasten up your beaded gown Then you try to tie me down Do you work it… Leggi »

Testo Yellow Peril – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone Yellow Peril degli Steely Dan Album: Catalyst The Original Recordings (1968~71) Hunting in the sea of Japan Ambrose left a tourist trail behind him So bold whit his gun in his hand Of his buzz there was no need to remind him Tripping over a holy man Might not hear you don’t chose your friends… Leggi »

Testo RUBY BABY – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone RUBY BABY degli Steely Dan Album: At Nervous Time We roll downtown We’ve got scenes to crash We’re gonna trick and trash We’re gonna find some fun We hit the street With visors down With our thermasuits Sealed up tight We can beat the freeze And get saved tonight Let’s stop off at the Metroplex… Leggi »

Testo Blues Beach – Steely Dan

Testo della canzone Blues Beach degli Steely Dan Album: Everything Must Go I was scrapin’ bottom Gropin’ in the dark It takes a crusty punk to really beat The mean streets of Medicine Park So I shifted left for out of town Then I clicked my heels and I doubled down to Blues Beach I’m frying Sizzlin’ in… Leggi »