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Testo Witch-Hunt – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Witch-Hunt di Stratovarius Album: The witch is worried Which is bitch? Take both of them in and do a spin experimenting with fingers spreading lips concealing the secrets of the joy The witch-hunt is coming to town you better look around The witch-hunt is coming to town theyll see that you will get found The… Leggi »

Testo Season Of Change – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Season Of Change di Stratovarius Album: Episode Words and music by Tolkki Season of change life feels so strange Look into my eyes do you see the truth I’m lost and alone feelings unknown Come to me stronger than before On winds of time my soul will fly The angels are knocking at my door… Leggi »

Testo Hills have eyes – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Hills have eyes di Stratovarius Album: Come with me my child, It’s gonna take a little while to teach you the knowledge of the ancient rhyme. Fly with me tonight, Through the cosmic sea It’s a mystery. From the thirst for life you will never keep away. Pleasure of one man makes another man a… Leggi »

Testo Fantasia – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Fantasia di Stratovarius Album: Welcome to my world Close the gates You’ve come from far away I’ve been expecting you You are the holders of the key To the story that never ends Fantasia Resides deep in your heart Leave your worries far behind Fantasia Let the freedom ring the bell Let us all unite… Leggi »

Testo KEEP THE FLAME – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone KEEP THE FLAME di Stratovarius Album: The shadow falls on me today Why can’t it fade into the distance. And darkness calls, no other way. I rage at the riddle of existence. The day’s almost gone but you’ll carry on Can you keep the flame for me. The day’s almost gone but you’ll carry on.… Leggi »

Testo Eyes Of The World – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Eyes Of The World di Stratovarius Album: Dreamspace Music and words by Tolkki Everywhere I go I see people staring at me It makes me feel so strange why won’t they just leave me be So take a look in the mirror and maybe you’ll see all the things that happened while you were looking… Leggi »

Testo Why Are We Here – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Why Are We Here di Stratovarius Album: When the stars are gone forever and plantes are turned into dust It’s a good to escape to lie in the haze In the past I found the answer in music and drinking and lust Waiting for the end and counting the days But I want to find… Leggi »

Testo Run Away – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Run Away di Stratovarius Album: Run the other way Run the other way Wipe your tears away The pain is here to stay Nothing in the way Nothing in the way Take the clouds away There’s nothing more to say Nothing I can say Run away I will remember you Run away I will remember… Leggi »

Testo Future Shock – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Future Shock di Stratovarius Album: I saw it in a dream the day that changed our history I still can hear the screams swear it was no mystery In the heat of the blast Houses fell down into the ground This happened so fast Mankind disappeared without sound. Now the world lives in shadow of… Leggi »

Testo Shattered – Stratovarius

Testo della canzone Shattered di Stratovarius Album: Dreamspace Music by Tolkki, words by Lassila I worked so hard to get my aim Pulled out wrong card is this my last game Too fast too son you know it takes time Hasty deeds spoilt the chances of mine I’m burning inside outside seems all right Try not to think… Leggi »