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Testo Just Friends – SUZANNE VEGA

Testo della canzone Just Friends di SUZANNE VEGA Album: We’re friends, that’s all we are And that’s all we will become It’s understood We’re only friends And it’s better that way For everyone concerned So if you brush against me When we’re walking side by side I won’t wonder what you’re thinking ‘cause we’ve got nothing to hide… Leggi »

Testo Solitaire – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Solitaire di Suzanne Vega Album: Miscellaneous Black on the red and the red on the black. It’s a tic of a tired mind. Come and sit down, won’t you try your luck. See if you unwind. Never use your threes and twos. Follow superstition. Otherwise you are going to lose. Compulsion makes you listen. Take… Leggi »