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Testo Honeymoon Suite – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Honeymoon Suite di Suzanne Vega Album: Nine Objects Of Desire the ceiling had a painting on it in our room in France so we were living underneath some angels in a dance my husband was not feeling well and so we went to bed he woke up complaining of an aching in his head he… Leggi »

Testo Penitent – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Penitent di Suzanne Vega Album: Miscellaneous Once I stood alone so proud held myself above the crowd now i am low on the ground. From here i look around to see what avenues belong to me I can’t tell what ive found. Now what would You have me do i ask you please? I wait… Leggi »

Testo Gipsy – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Gipsy di Suzanne Vega Album: you come from far away whit pictures in your eyes of coffeshop and morning streets, in the blue and silent sunrise, but night is the cathedral,where we recognized the sign we stranger know each other now as part of the whole design oh, hold me like a baby, that will… Leggi »

Testo Ironbound Fancy Poultry – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Ironbound Fancy Poultry di Suzanne Vega Album: In the ironbound section near Avenue L where the Portuguese women come to see what you sell the clouds so low the morning so slow as the wires cut through the sky The beams and bridges cut the light on the ground into little triangles and the rails… Leggi »

Testo Left Of The Center – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Left Of The Center di Suzanne Vega Album: if you want me, you can find me left of the center off of the strip in the outskirts,in the fringers in the corner out of the grip when they ask me what are you looking at? i always answer nothing much i think they know that,… Leggi »

Testo Small Blue Thing – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Small Blue Thing di Suzanne Vega Album: Misc Today I am A small blue thing Like a marble Or an eye With my knees against my mouth I am perfectly round I am watching you I am cold against your skin You are perfectly reflected I am lost inside your pocket I am lost against… Leggi »

Testo Freeze Tag – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Freeze Tag di Suzanne Vega Album: Misc We go to the playground In the wintertime The sun is fading fast Upon the slides into the past Upon the swings of indecision In the wintertime Tutte le canzoni di Suzanne Vega

Testo Bad Wisdom – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Bad Wisdom di Suzanne Vega Album: 99.9 F Mother the doctor knows something is wrong Cause my body has strange information He’s looked in my eyes and knows I’m not a child But he doesn’t dare ask the right question Mother my friends are no longer my friends And the games we once played have… Leggi »

Testo STRAIGHT LINES – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone STRAIGHT LINES di Suzanne Vega Album: There’s a sound Across the alley Of cold metal Touching skin And you can see If you look in her window That she has gone and cut Her hair again In straight lines Straight lines Those soft golden lights in the morning Are now on her wooden floor The… Leggi »

Testo Institution Green – Suzanne Vega

Testo della canzone Institution Green di Suzanne Vega Album: Days Of Open Hand Suzanne Vega/Suzanne Vega & Anton Sanko Institution green The walls are cracked and dim And we are standing in a line Waiting for our faces to be seen Institution green Watch the floor and cound the hours None will meet my eyes Private people in… Leggi »