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Testo Saved – Swans

Testo della canzone Saved degli Swans Album: Unknown wrong or right it’s not right wrong or right it’s wrong use your body to get satisfaction [x2] satisfy the dog, satisfy the dog [x2] use your hands to build things use your hands to break things right or wrong it’s not right right or wrong it’s right satisfy the… Leggi »

Testo Cop – Swans

Testo della canzone Cop degli Swans Album: Unknown get into this car. get into this car. bow your head down. your flesh is soft. your flesh is clay. flesh is easy to shape. flesh is easy to shape. get into your cell. get into your bed. your flesh is soft. your flesh is clay. flesh is easy to… Leggi »

Testo Identity – Swans

Testo della canzone Identity degli Swans Album: Love Of Life Now I’m Breathing The Breath Of God And The Cold Wind Cleans My Mind And I’m Standing In A Ring Of Fire And My Heart Is Made Of Light And I Fly Across The Red Mountains And My Hands Contain The Sky And The Earth Rolls Away In… Leggi »

Testo Hypogirl – Swans

Testo della canzone Hypogirl degli Swans Album: Unknown I’ll Walk With You Through Space And Time And When Sleep Is Near I Will Fold You In I’ll Disappear With You In Clear Blue Flames And When Our Time Arrives We Will Slide Through Space Tutte le canzoni degli Swans

Testo Blood And Honey – Swans

Testo della canzone Blood And Honey degli Swans Album: Children Of God Gira, Jarboe) I found you lying where I drowned you I found you lying where I lay with you Where I threw you in the water Where I drowned you in the river Where I watched you roll away Where I watched your body roll away… Leggi »

Testo Our Love Lies – Swans

Testo della canzone Our Love Lies degli Swans Album: Children Of God Gira, Westberg, Kizys) We’ll fall down On broken knees And we’ll cry for you now We’ll cry for your mercy We believe in love We believe in love God save us now We believe in love We degrade ourselves But we dig our own grave Jesus… Leggi »

Testo Shimmer – Swans

Testo della canzone Shimmer degli Swans Album: Unknown Now I just want to thank you For going insane Every second that you suffer Is a loss that I gain Every breath is a drain down Down into a hole And your mind is a shrinking thing: It was crushed by your skull Now you f eel time unfolding… Leggi »

Testo Weakling – Swans

Testo della canzone Weakling degli Swans Album: Unknown I won’t remember what you were when you were young. You were no-one then and you’re nothing now. Do you remember what you denied me then. Do you remember what you deny my body now. I do, I do, I do, oh I do. When I feel your heart we… Leggi »

Testo This is Mine – Swans

Testo della canzone This is Mine degli Swans Album: Unknown We’re Standing By A River In A Place Where Nothing Moves And The White Light In The Sky Is Meaningless And Cruel And We Turn Our Face Away From A Cold And Violent Wind And We Bow Our Heads Down And We Pray To The Sound Of Freedom… Leggi »

Testo You Know Nothing – Swans

Testo della canzone You Know Nothing degli Swans Album: Unknown I’ll drink the moonlight from your hands I’ll swim an ocean filled with sorrow No lover please don’t go We can crucify tomorrow Let the sunlight feed the air Let it fill our lungs with lies We’ll be memorized by shadows But our loneliness will survive Now the… Leggi »