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Testo Blockbuster – Sweet

Testo della canzone Blockbuster degli Sweet Album: Sweet Fanny Adams You better beware, you better take care, you better watch out if you got long black hair. He’ll come from behind, you’ll go out of your mind, you better not go, you never know what you’ll find. You look in his eyes, don’t be surprised, if you don’t… Leggi »

Testo Discophony (Dis-Kof-O-Ne) – Sweet

Testo della canzone Discophony (Dis-Kof-O-Ne) degli Sweet Album: I met a girl Who likes to dance But there’s only one way To get inside her trance That’s if I dance I stand the best of chance Some is brainwashed by the rhythm Trapped inside their own escapism In prison I don’t wanna be there No I don’t wanna… Leggi »

Testo New York Connection – Sweet

Testo della canzone New York Connection degli Sweet Album: It takes eight days where I wanna go Well, there’s just me am I only go I’ve got no face to make this slow The further I travel the less I know Somebody help me get home I can’t spend my whole life alone Somebody help me get home… Leggi »

Testo Laura Lee – Sweet

Testo della canzone Laura Lee degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) I believe the dreams she weaves Turnin’ a wheel ‘till nothing is real At her call the mighty fall Echo insane, her laughter remains Shaded tear for souvenirs Sharing your past, the memory lasts Oh, I love her, ooh yeah She leads the way ‘till my night turns to… Leggi »

Testo Burning – Sweet

Testo della canzone Burning degli Sweet Album: (ChinnChapman ConnollyPriestScottTucker) When there ain’t no light But the night is bright And it’s cold outside I’m burning The feeling inside That I just can’t hide Now it’s for you I’m yearning I ain’t asking much Just a simple touch of you But you won’t have me I sit right here… Leggi »

Testo Keep It In – Sweet

Testo della canzone Keep It In degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) If you want power If you got power Keep it in Don’t need no distraction You got my reaction Keep it in Hold on to what you’ve got Hold on oh, yeah Hold on to what you’ve got Hold on Take me to the tower Take me to… Leggi »

Testo Wig Wam Bam – Sweet

Testo della canzone Wig Wam Bam degli Sweet Album: Hiawatha didn’t bother too much ‘Bout Minnie Ha-Ha and her tender touch Till she took him to the silver stream Then she whispered words like he had never heard That made him all shudder inside when she said Wig-wam bam, gonna make you my man Wam bam bam, gonna… Leggi »

Testo Jeanie – Sweet

Testo della canzone Jeanie degli Sweet Album: The nights in this lonely world Makes this life for me Seem like an empty shell But I’ll wait ‘till time arrives Then we’ll be together and I’ll realize The time I spend Just feeling blue Is all worth while Now I’m with you, Jeanie. The sails on the open sea… Leggi »

Testo Mr. McGallagher – Sweet

Testo della canzone Mr. McGallagher degli Sweet Album: (Mick Stewart) Mr. McGallagher my what a character I’ve got a feeling for you down far In a menagerie of limited capacity Teaching himself to be a superstar If you should think of a magical show An incredible show you would like to see Just go and see the mechanical… Leggi »

Testo Into The Night – Sweet

Testo della canzone Into The Night degli Sweet Album: (Andy Scott) I was a king thought of everything Into the night Then I was out everybody shout Into the night I kinda was having lots of fun Into the night And now I’ve lost gotta count the cost Into the night I couldn’t lose When I was on… Leggi »