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Testo White Mice – Sweet

Testo della canzone White Mice degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) Sweet woman, you know you’re gonna give me the shakes You know it’s gonna be allright It’s gonna be allright Oh, baby turn your back on me Oh yeah, your back on me tonight Yeah, it’s gonna be allright It’s gonna be allright White mice Into your head Out… Leggi »

Testo Heartbreak Today – Sweet

Testo della canzone Heartbreak Today degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) Hey Lady, listen to me ‘Cause you ain’t never heard of me Hey woman, open your eyes ‘Cause I wanna be seen by you Oh no, don’t go, baby I’m so Oh no, I know that I’m goin’ anyway Do you mind tonight I hold you tight the way… Leggi »

Testo Santa Monica Sunshine – Sweet

Testo della canzone Santa Monica Sunshine degli Sweet Album: I’m traveling fast on a south down highway Into the sun where I know that I can with my way Movin’ down the highway A ticket to rise way down across the border Into the sunshine of South California my way Straight down the highway Well, I’ll drive, drive,… Leggi »

Testo Hold Me – Sweet

Testo della canzone Hold Me degli Sweet Album: I packed the bag Said I’m leaving here As I moved on Turning no waving hand I should have known better Than to think that you really cared But dear I know better When somebody leaves you It isn’t the end of the world I tore down the blind Trying… Leggi »

Testo Rockn Roll Disgrace – Sweet

Testo della canzone Rockn Roll Disgrace degli Sweet Album: You’re a heterosexual dream A super phallic machine Well, who do you think you are Well, you think you’re a star Yeah, a rock’n roll star, you are Oh, you part your lips that way Do you care what people say The chicks know what you are Well, they… Leggi »

Testo Rebel Rouser – Sweet

Testo della canzone Rebel Rouser degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) Inside out gonna burn tonight ‘Cause the heat is on and the time is right Who is the face that’s gonna set the pace I’m a rocker, I’m a roller, I’m an outer space Come on, come on, well you come on strong With my knees all weak from… Leggi »

Testo Time – Sweet

Testo della canzone Time degli Sweet Album: (ScottTuckerPriestConnolly) We are spend about life Get around, oh where in time Seems my mind goes like when Good times are coming back again People say that I’m wrong A man can’t travel back alone I got to travel like life What I’ve done wrong I must make right Beat my… Leggi »

Testo Luca – Sweet

Testo della canzone Luca degli Sweet Album: Love is like oxygen You get too much you get too high Not enough and you’re gonna die Love gets you high Love is like oxygen . . . Time on my side I got it all I’ve heard that pride Always comes before a fall There’s a rumour goin’ round… Leggi »

Testo Love Is Like Oxygen – Sweet

Testo della canzone Love Is Like Oxygen degli Sweet Album: (ScottGriffin) Time on my side I got it all I’ve heard that pride Always comes before a fall There’s a rumour goin’ round the town That you don’t want me around I can’t shake off my city blues Everyway I turn I lose Chorus Love is like oxygen… Leggi »

Testo Hell Raiser – Sweet

Testo della canzone Hell Raiser degli Sweet Album: (ChinnChapman) Look out! Mama let me out on a saturday night, she said now Go out and get her go and hold her tight I said now Mama, you don’t understand Ev’ry time I touch her hand It’s like I’m burning in the fires of hell And if I hold… Leggi »