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Testo Need A Lot Of Lovin – Sweet

Testo della canzone Need A Lot Of Lovin degli Sweet Album: Mighty fine woman Need her by my side So I can rock and roll it I can feel my pride I gotta find a chicken Gotta make up to But I ain’t no telling Sally That I’m feeling blue Don’t let go ‘Cause ya got me going… Leggi »

Testo Anthem No. I (Lady Of The Lake) – Sweet

Testo della canzone Anthem No. I (Lady Of The Lake) degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyScottTuckerPriest) Your are the queen I’m just a pawn In the Chess game of Life Send me to war A Whisper to the king Of the favours you gave me I will take my chance On a crusade of love Be my lady of the… Leggi »

Testo Dream On – Sweet

Testo della canzone Dream On degli Sweet Album: (Scott) Your head lies on your pillow Do you dream of me tonight I’m waiting for the sunshine To bring the morning light To kiss your cheek and wake you from your sleep would not be right So gentle like a baby I’ll keep you warm tonight Let the moonlight… Leggi »

Testo Sunny Sleeps Late – Sweet

Testo della canzone Sunny Sleeps Late degli Sweet Album: Opens her eyes to starlight She moves with the cool of moonlight Losing the day, finding her way to me And Sunny sleeps late in the morning Sunny stays up every night Sunny sleeps late in the morning She whispers a word of warning To be ‘ware of the… Leggi »

Testo Sixties Man – Sweet

Testo della canzone Sixties Man degli Sweet Album: (WilliamsHutchins) Take me now I think I’m a simple man Just give me some loving and a easy living plan But everyday now someone pulls my life Sixties I say hey you got to get inside Sunny days are over and gone for good Shape up boy you ain’t working… Leggi »

Testo Live For Today – Sweet

Testo della canzone Live For Today degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) They thought you were crazy When you took a walk right through the door They don’t know the reason You just couldn’t take it anymore The lies that they told you And the times that they sold you Down the line Live for today – don’t need your… Leggi »

Testo Slow Motion – Sweet

Testo della canzone Slow Motion degli Sweet Album: (P. Wainman Harold Spirio) Slow down, you’re chasing my life away No time in life for tastin’ The Sweet perfections of life with you Slow motion living could not be blue A life’s to good to hurry Slow down, slow living is good for you Don’t try so hard to… Leggi »

Testo 4th Of July – Sweet

Testo della canzone 4th Of July degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) The fool got up and hit my face I couldn’t make it to the door I took a sip and drained the tap And life became a thing to stab Aha I couldn’t understand it My days were in a daze Is it bloody Sunday I’d better save… Leggi »

Testo Co-Co – Sweet

Testo della canzone Co-Co degli Sweet Album: Co-Co would dream of dancing At midnight beneath the stars ‘Cos when it comes to dancing Co-Co’s a star! He danced in a ring of fire That circled the island shore And as the flames got higher They’d all call for more and more Ho-chi-ka-ka-ho Co-Co Ho-chi-ka-ka-ho Co-Co Ho-chika-ka-ho go go… Leggi »