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Testo Falling In Love – Sweet

Testo della canzone Falling In Love degli Sweet Album: If ever there was a man Who needed love then you’ll understand My heart couldn’t be wrong I lost my head when she came along Guess I’m back in the game, baby Here I go again When it happened before I got hurt And I can’t stand the pain… Leggi »

Testo Stairway To The Stars – Sweet

Testo della canzone Stairway To The Stars degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) The heroine’s a hero Uprating me to zero I couldn’t hold a candle to you The hardest part is leaving This web of love you weaving You’ve shattered my illusions I’ve come to the conclusion You’ re gonna do a number on me I’ll never get to… Leggi »

Testo Eye Games – Sweet

Testo della canzone Eye Games degli Sweet Album: In the discos and the bars They’re playing eyes games Venus is watching Mars They’re playing eye games Come and try games They’re playing eye games Electric attraction In the night air Eyes meet and break away You can’t show her you care It’s one of love’s puzzles The secrets… Leggi »

Testo Im On My Way – Sweet

Testo della canzone Im On My Way degli Sweet Album: I’m on my way I’m going home today Because the girl I love is waiting there for me For I’m sure she really loves me so She’ll be mine I know one day So now I’m going straight back home To Sovanna way I’m on my way I’m… Leggi »

Testo Healer – Sweet

Testo della canzone Healer degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) I met the healer in the twilight of my life He was the purity in my madness side He take me far beyond the sunshine and the snow My faithing hymn made nights a charismatic glow Cure me, cure me, cure me Cure me, cure me Cure me, cure me,… Leggi »

Testo Hey Mama – Sweet

Testo della canzone Hey Mama degli Sweet Album: (ScottTuckerPriest) Hey Mama i’ve been looking for you I wanna show you what my heart can do Hey Mama if you think it’s wrong I don’t now where you comming from I wanna woman who can taket every way I need a girl who gonna shaket every day Give me… Leggi »

Testo Funk It Up – Sweet

Testo della canzone Funk It Up degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) Baby was dancin’ With Charly standing in line in the wing And yesterday’s rain turns to snow Shake your head now honeychild Shake your head now honeychild Jump back while I clean them up Shake your head now honey child Spotlights are blinding Like stars shooting down on… Leggi »

Testo Spotlight – Sweet

Testo della canzone Spotlight degli Sweet Album: You know you’re going to the dance tonight, my dear ‘Cause I’m working you’re going with the boy I hear I won’t be able to dance with you But I’ll know every little thing you do I’m on spotlight, baby I’m working on spotlight, baby I can see you moving like… Leggi »

Testo Done Me Wrong Allright – Sweet

Testo della canzone Done Me Wrong Allright degli Sweet Album: (ConnollyPriestScottTucker) I woke up this morning My girl was not inside Not inside my billfold She’s done me wrong allright We’ve been all night a rockin’ At the house of blue night Ah, ah, ah… The band was really groovin’ With the shades of Jerry Lee Somehow jiving,… Leggi »

Testo Strange Girl – Sweet

Testo della canzone Strange Girl degli Sweet Album: (ScottTuckerPriest) You’re a strange girl, in a strange world You’re a strange girl, in a strange world Try to teach you, i can’t reach you Such a strange girl, you’re so strange You can never make up your mind By the way you wanna spent your time You always find… Leggi »