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Testo Misbehavin – Thalia

Testo della canzone Misbehavin di Thalia Album: What’s going on You keep creeping out the back door The minute I’m gone You’ve been actin’ like some kind of stranger For far too long And my girls keep trying to tell me That something is wrong So stop playing dumb [Bridge:] You’ve been hanging up, Relieved while I’m home… Leggi »

Testo I Want You – Thalia

Testo della canzone I Want You di Thalia Album: Miscellaneous TR, come on, You’re just another woman. WHOO! Yeah! hmmmmm…..You got it! TERROR! COME ON! Thalia: Why? Did I, Didn’t deserve a man so special in my life? So one of these days And nights You’re gonna be gone well I didn’t wait for Mr. Right. Baby workin’… Leggi »

Testo Whats It Gonna Be Boy – Thalia

Testo della canzone Whats It Gonna Be Boy di Thalia Album: I can do this, or I can do that I can move around you, out of my hat Baby I will, maybe all that First you gotta tell me if you don’t wanna be The one who picks me up whenever I am down Baby there’s nothing… Leggi »

Testo Asi Es El Destino – Thalia

Testo della canzone Asi Es El Destino di Thalia Album: Miscellaneous Llegaste justo a tiempo Como un ngel cado del cielo Que larga fue la espera Pero se que ha valido la pena Aunque parezca increble yo te conoca Desde mis antepasados Desde otra vida En mis sueos te vea Te esperaba vida ma As es el destino… Leggi »

Testo La Loca – Thalia

Testo della canzone La Loca di Thalia Album: Miscellaneous La loca est revuelta, la loca anda de vuelta Ella no est jugando, sabe pa’ dnde va La loca est revuelta, la loca anda de vuelta Ella no est jugando, sabe pa’ dnde va. Estoy loca porque, mi cielo, me gusta tu boca Dulce pecado que me provoca Slo… Leggi »

Testo Mujer Latina – Thalia

Testo della canzone Mujer Latina di Thalia Album: Miscellaneous Chorus Vengo vengo vengo de caa vengo vengo vengo del son tengo tengo tengo en el alma ritmo ritmo ritmo y sabor Vengo de raza y de palmera De campo y de labriego De caa y de madera Mi orgullo es ser latina De mar y cordillera Ardiente como… Leggi »

Testo I Want You Featuring Fat Joe – Thalia

Testo della canzone I Want You Featuring Fat Joe di Thalia Album: TS..baby..yeah…come on..(no one else can love ya).. joey crack the don thalia..TR.. your just another woman…haha…wooo Thalia: What did i do to deserve such a man so special in my life so many days and nights i’d come and go while i sit and wait for… Leggi »

Testo Amandote – Thalia

Testo della canzone Amandote di Thalia Album: Miscellaneous Amandote…. Amandote…. Eres todo el aire que respiro, amor eres viento que roza mi piel eres vino para esta sed de amor, ohh Mi fantasia mas perfecta de amor anhelo mas ardiente de mi pasin Amandote… quiero vivir cada hora en xtasis Amandote… quiero seguir cada dia mas feliz Eres… Leggi »