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Testo Whiskey In The Jar – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Whiskey In The Jar di The Pogues Album: (Traditional) As I was going over the Kilmagenny mountain I met with captain Farrell and his money he was counting. I first produced my pistol, and the produced my rapier. Said stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver, musha ring dumma do damma da whack… Leggi »

Testo Lorelei – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Lorelei di The Pogues Album: (Philip Chevron) You told me tales of love and glory Same old sad songs, same old story The sirens sing no lullaby And no-one knows but Lorelei By castles out of fairytales Timbers shivered where once there sailed The lovesick men who caught her eye And no-one knew but Lorelei… Leggi »

Testo Transmetropolitan – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Transmetropolitan di The Pogues Album: (Shane MacGowan) In the rosy parks of England We’ll sit and have a drink Of VP wine and cider ‘till we can hardly think And we’ll go where the spirits take us To heaven or to hell And kick up bloody murder in the town we love so well Going… Leggi »

Testo Tosspint – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Tosspint di The Pogues Album: Tosspint rises early Sprung from a nightmare’s claw Thrice crows the dawn cock The mist is on the moor Tosspint cries from croaking gills Thank God I’m not forsaken From the hellish depths of sleep At last I am awaken Tosspint flushed his kidneys And rained a golden shower Pleased… Leggi »

Testo Poor Paddy – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Poor Paddy di The Pogues Album: (Traditional) In eighteen hundred and forty-one Me corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work upon the railway, the railway I’m weary of the railway Poor Paddy works on the railway In eighteen hundred and forty-two From Hartlepool I moved to Crewe Found meself… Leggi »

Testo Modern World – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Modern World di The Pogues Album: (Darryl Hunt) Mary’s selling flowers On a stall in EC1 Tonight she’ll be out looking for some fun Her mate Gerry’s in the basement He hasn’t got a home But prides himself that he’s got most things done Meanwhile I’m up on the roof Waiting for the sun to… Leggi »

Testo Amadie – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Amadie di The Pogues Album: Voici une histoire D’un homme cajun Amadie Adouin Etat son nom Avec sa guitare Et avec sa voix Amadie Adouin Etait le roi Here is the story Of a Cajun man Amadie Adouin Was his name With his guitar And his voice Amadie Adouin Was the king In a town… Leggi »

Testo Thousands Are Sailing – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Thousands Are Sailing di The Pogues Album: (Phillip Chevron) The island it is silent now But the ghosts still haunt the waves And the torch lights up a famished man Who fortune could not save Did you work upon the railroad Did you rid the streets of crime Were your dollars from the white house… Leggi »

Testo Dark Streets Of London – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Dark Streets Of London di The Pogues Album: (Shane MacGowan) I liked to walk in the summer breeze Down Dalling Road by the dead old trees And drink with my friends In the Hammersmith Broadway Dear dirty old drunken Delightful old days Then the winter came down and I loved it so dearly The pubs… Leggi »