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Testo Lorelei – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Lorelei di The Pogues Album: (Philip Chevron) You told me tales of love and glory Same old sad songs, same old story The sirens sing no lullaby And no-one knows but Lorelei By castles out of fairytales Timbers shivered where once there sailed The lovesick men who caught her eye And no-one knew but Lorelei… Leggi »

Testo Tosspint – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Tosspint di The Pogues Album: Tosspint rises early Sprung from a nightmare’s claw Thrice crows the dawn cock The mist is on the moor Tosspint cries from croaking gills Thank God I’m not forsaken From the hellish depths of sleep At last I am awaken Tosspint flushed his kidneys And rained a golden shower Pleased… Leggi »

Testo Poor Paddy – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Poor Paddy di The Pogues Album: (Traditional) In eighteen hundred and forty-one Me corduroy breeches I put on Me corduroy breeches I put on To work upon the railway, the railway I’m weary of the railway Poor Paddy works on the railway In eighteen hundred and forty-two From Hartlepool I moved to Crewe Found meself… Leggi »

Testo Modern World – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Modern World di The Pogues Album: (Darryl Hunt) Mary’s selling flowers On a stall in EC1 Tonight she’ll be out looking for some fun Her mate Gerry’s in the basement He hasn’t got a home But prides himself that he’s got most things done Meanwhile I’m up on the roof Waiting for the sun to… Leggi »

Testo Amadie – The Pogues

Testo della canzone Amadie di The Pogues Album: Voici une histoire D’un homme cajun Amadie Adouin Etat son nom Avec sa guitare Et avec sa voix Amadie Adouin Etait le roi Here is the story Of a Cajun man Amadie Adouin Was his name With his guitar And his voice Amadie Adouin Was the king In a town… Leggi »