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Testo RICHARD IX – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone RICHARD IX dei The Renaissance Album: Deep in the past there lived a man whose story must be told Of royal descent but not of the royal line, oh oh No history book relates this night of indiscretion Into the world he’s brought, never to be presented at court In his mind a king though… Leggi »

Testo RUNNING HARD – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone RUNNING HARD dei The Renaissance Album: Running hard towards what used to be Losing ground in changes sliding endlessly Reaching out for mirrors hidden in the web Painting lines upon your face inside instead Sounds so bad the music’s flat on every line Songs of blackened lace know you’re dying all the time Sounds so… Leggi »

Testo THE CAPTIVE HEART – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone THE CAPTIVE HEART dei The Renaissance Album: I made my dreams then lost them They left and I went away There’s no romance in the memory That’s part of yesterday But feelings linger stronger sometimes So hard to disappear When what holds you is a treasure You’ve stored throughout the years Finding out the hard… Leggi »

Testo PEARLS OF WISDOM – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone PEARLS OF WISDOM dei The Renaissance Album: Quiet lapping waves On this gentle day Sweet divine you came So faintly I heard you My hopes and dreams you carry Inside the hearts of all the trees Like a ship at sea Coming for me When the thunder came We sheltered and prayed In my life… Leggi »

Testo SKAILA – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone SKAILA dei The Renaissance Album: Skaila – playing stardust – in the moonlight Turning into music – colouring the daybreak Following the morning – Skaila she plays on … Skaila she takes the shadow – into the distance On reflecting rainbows, silhouettes of sunshine Skaila she plays on Skaila plays on spirals – circles turning… Leggi »

Testo FRIENDS – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone FRIENDS dei The Renaissance Album: Imagine a new world Unseen and without form And this our day, a new dawn Some people are lonely Some people are so sad Reach out and give what you have Chorus: Friends are always there In good and bad times Always taking care, you’re in my mind And I’ll… Leggi »

Testo LET IT GROW – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone LET IT GROW dei The Renaissance Album: Taking time to find the right line Talking easy with the thoughts you want to share Leaning down, feel you knowing in my mind Stealing down, going down, feel you growing in my mind Chorus: It’s got to be slow Taking love the only way It’s got to… Leggi »

Testo SHINE – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone SHINE dei The Renaissance Album: Once I was lonely, living in dreams (Shine shine shine shine) Found my heart open now shine on me Into my open heart like the sun shines Into my open soul like the sun shines A shaft of light through a now open door …. You so beguiling, smiling at… Leggi »

Testo THE SEA – The Renaissance

Testo della canzone THE SEA dei The Renaissance Album: The sea Holds its many hands to me And takes me To places where I want to be My dreams Many fathoms far below Like this The pattern of my life will flow Distant horizon Melts in the sun Turn and turn away Feel the end of day Hear… Leggi »