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Testo Rosalie Seger – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Rosalie Seger dei Thin Lizzy Album: Fighting — She’s quite a mediator A smoother operator you will never see Said See you later No one dare disobeyed her over me She knows music I know music too, you see She’s got the power My teen queen, Rosalie She’s got the plastic Comes from all the… Leggi »

Testo Sugar Blues – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Sugar Blues dei Thin Lizzy Album: Chinatown ——- Now I’m not the type to worry Especially if it’s concerning my health Oh no, I’d never worry I’d much rather do something else I’m changing my point of view Ever since I caught me the sugar blues Oh that sugar It adds a little sweetness in… Leggi »

Testo Baby Face Lynott – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Baby Face Lynott dei Thin Lizzy Album: Shadows Of A Blue Orphanage —– Put up, Baby Face I love your lipstick, Baby Face, it makes me all shades of red Give me wild while you do to me one, make me hot when I should be sleeping in my bed I love your big eyes,… Leggi »