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Testo WILD ONE – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone WILD ONE dei Thin Lizzy Album: Wild one won’t you please come home You’ve been away too long, will you We need you home, we need you near Come back wild one will you How can we live without your love You know that could kill you How can we carry on When you are… Leggi »

Testo This Is The One Lynott Wharton – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone This Is The One Lynott Wharton dei Thin Lizzy Album: Thunder And Lightning ———– I’ve got to find an occupation I’ve got to get myself employed It’s a bad situation My brain was destroyed I’ve got to find a new vocation I feel it burning down inside Such a low down abrasion hurt inside That’s… Leggi »

Testo Boogie Woogie Dance Lynott – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Boogie Woogie Dance Lynott dei Thin Lizzy Album: Johnny The Fox ————— In France, they’ve got a dance A feel real crazy dance A touch of class and a dash of romance Feel that crazy dance Boogie woogie dance Boogie woogie dance In Spain, they give it a name A real chic cheeky name One… Leggi »

Testo Emerald – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Emerald dei Thin Lizzy Album: Miscellaneous Emerald by Thin Lizzy Down from the glen came the marching men with their shields and their swords To fight the fight they believed to be right overthrow the overlords To the towns where there was plenty they brought plunder, swords and flame When they left the town was… Leggi »

Testo Freedom Song Lynott Gorham – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone Freedom Song Lynott Gorham dei Thin Lizzy Album: Fighting ——– Let me tell you the hard luck story About a man named Jack McDuff He believed in God and glory But he just wasn’t tough enough I believe in the freedom song Long live liberty! I believe in the freedom song I’ll choose my own… Leggi »


Testo della canzone ROISIN DUBH BLACK ROSE dei Thin Lizzy Album: Tell me the legends of long ago When the kings and queens would dance in the realm of the Black Rose Play me the melodies I want to know So I can teach my children, oh Pray tell me the story of young CÃ Chulainn How his… Leggi »


Testo della canzone FIGHTING MY WAY BACK dei Thin Lizzy Album: I’m tough, rough, ready and able To pick myself up from under this table Don’t stick no sign on me, I got no label I’m a little sick, unsure, unsound and unstable But I’m fighting my way back I’m busting out and I’m going in I’m kicking… Leggi »

Testo SARAH – Thin Lizzy

Testo della canzone SARAH dei Thin Lizzy Album: One, two One, two, three, four When you came in my life you changed my world My Sarah Everything seemed so right my baby girl My Sarah You are all I want to know You hold my heart so don’t let go You are all I need to live My… Leggi »