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Testo AUTOMATIC – Tokio Hotel

Album: Humanoid (2009) Testo della canzone AUTOMATIC di Tokio Hotel So automatical(ly) You’re like a machine Your heart doesn’t beat for me any more. So automatically Your hands Touch me I feel everything, just not you So automatical Your voice – electric Where are you, when it speaks? So automatically How you say I’m important to you Who’s… Leggi »

Testo Scream – Tokio Hotel

Album: Scream (2007) Testo della canzone Scream di Tokio Hotel You get up, and somebody tells you where to go to When you get there, everybody’s telling you what to do Thank you, it’s been another bloody Monday And no one is asking what you wanted anyway Nein – nein – nein – nein – nananana nein Nein… Leggi »