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Testo Wake Up Time – Tom Petty

Testo della canzone Wake Up Time di Tom Petty Album: Wildflowers Tom Petty) You follow your feelings, you follow your dreams You follow the leader into the trees And what’s in there waiting, neither one of us knows You gotta keep one eye open the further you go You never dreamed you’d go down on one knee, but… Leggi »

Testo HURT – Tom Petty

Testo della canzone HURT di Tom Petty Album: I walked to the window turned out the light Looked at the city went back through the night Yeah I s tood in the darkness stood all alone Thank God for California thank God I’m going home That’s right you hurt me baby hurt me good Hurt me like no… Leggi »

Testo Kings Road – Tom Petty

Testo della canzone Kings Road di Tom Petty Album: Miscellaneous Well they put me out on the old Kings Road I didn’t know which way to go There was people all around wearin’ funny lookin’ clothes Some boys, some girls, some I don’t know Chorus I didn’t know which way to go I’m a new world boy on… Leggi »